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When furnishing your apartment or house, most of the time the whole process can get very confusing and you end up looking at endless options that are all okay, even beautiful,  but something is missing. This is because we perceive our living spaces as safe havens, where we go to unwind after a hard day and just be ourselves, and as a result of that perception, we want to express ourselves via our interiors. In the long run, your style really is a reflection of who you are as a person, who you’d like to be, and the things you love. Sounds a bit overwhelming to incorporate into your home? Here are some tips:

1.    Expose the objects you hold dear

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Books, silly accessories that you got as gifts, souvenirs you bought for yourself… Being surrounded by things that have a history and hold true meaning for you is what makes your living space feel like home.

2.    Don’t clutter

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Okay, so we said to leave some objects of sentimental value on display, but don’t go overboard with that advice – your home is not a souvenir shop. Rarely anybody actually feels calm in a cluttered and unorganized space.

3.    Think about fabrics

white apartment

Take a tactile approach to expressing yourself! This is also a great way to translate your fashion style into your interior. Which type of materials and textures do you like? Are you a „long white cotton drapes and plank floors“ type of person, or would you like to throw something furry in there?

4.    Play with colours

newlyweds apartment

Incorporating different materials and textures into your home is really fun, but make sure that prior to that, you know the exact colour of your walls – because it makes more sense to match details such as fabrics to walls than vice versa. If you’re going to give your walls a new look but you’re not sure where to start, some companies such as Colour Life Painting offer consultations and online estimates so that you can keep in check with your budget. Try to think ahead and maybe plan out some colour palettes.

5.    Get some vegetation

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People actually feel connected to the plants they put in their homes, and even more so when it is just one. Even if you put just one single cactus into your room, it is, after all, a living thing that you will be taking care of and feeling proud to see thrive. The plant you choose to own will be a reflection of your personality and add to that homely feeling.

6.    Accentuate accordingly


This piece of advice is directly related to the one of not cluttering. If you’re going to accessorize, do it carefully, because even if your style is nowhere near minimalistic, the fact is that having too much of the same kind of thing takes value away from each one. Choose and display your accessories in a way that they will be exposed as accents in the space and a direct statement of your style.

Be daring in the process of choosing what you put into your home – experiment and look for ways to express yourself, and never think about how visitors will perceive it. It is your private space, so take pride in every decorating decision, and make peace with the fact that not even your closest friends may like the same things as you. And keep in mind that a living space does not become a home momentarily, so take your time, enjoy the process, and everything will click naturally.