newlyweds apartment

Getting married is a milestone in a relationship. Even if you were already living together, your home will feel different when you cross that doorstep into your home for the first time as a married couple. It’s only appropriate, then, that you create a love nest for the happily ever after. It can be something small, like painting the walls or it can be a full-blown renovation of the place. And if you’re still undecided, here is some advice which may be a great help with that.

1.   Bathroom for a married couple

romantic bathroom

Now that you’ve said “I do” and all the fuss with the wedding is over, maybe it’s the perfect time to start doing some redecorating, and the bathroom is the perfect start. The new trends in bathroom design for 2018 suggest using materials which you’ll easily clean, but with patterns which will bring out the playfulness of the décor. This means that you can combine organic materials and modern design, like wooden floors with a stone bathtub. Another interesting detail can be placing his and hers sinks so you can get ready for work together in the morning and for going to sleep in the evening.

2.   Color up the living room

living room

Every couple has their own habits, but some things still stay the same for all – the living room is the place to hang out and spend some quality time with each other and your guests. Whatever the decorating choice for the living room, the color is something that will most certainly define it in 2018. The interior designers set three color trends: Affinity, Connectivity and Sincerity, each one unique in its shade and tone combination which will certainly bring out the best in your space. From blue and fuchsia, through high-definition yellow to neutral green and sanctuary pink, you can create the color fluidity and harmonise the items defining your living space.

3.   Kitchen for the family

black and white kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, people usually renovate it to last for a decade at least. So it’s not surprising that when thinking about remodelling you will probably choose the décor which will be functional and trendy for a long time. Colors like white and neutral gray will let you keep the sophistication and still change a few things here and there over time without too much renovation. LED lights can be installed anywhere, emit no heat and you can choose from several colors, so consider using them to brighten the space. If you’re planning a family, make sure that you buy appliances which can support cooking for more than two household members and a variety of meals.

4.   Nest for the love birds

bedroom for newlyweds

Bedroom is where you two can shut out the world and be together as a couple and individuals. And when it comes to decorating it, the most important thing is the compromise. If you don’t have the time to look for things in shops, opt for the Internet. Look for custom blinds online or linens and decorative items to save up the time, but the mattress and furniture you need to choose in the store. When decorating for two, you must create a room for equal rights and to accommodate both your needs. The trends for 2018 suggest raspberry pink and caramel for a romantic feel, with an emphasis on geometrical shapes and massive beds with nightstands made of natural materials.

5.   Entrance to your Lovepartment

apartment entrance photo

The first thing you see when you enter your home will be the hallway. Big or small, it also deserves to be personalized and to tell a story of you two. The 2018 trends suggest to make it functional and use strong colors and hanging decorative elements. Besides the mirrors, shoe racks and coat hangers you can place the pictures of you two on the wall as a couple and with other important persons in your life and that way create an overall story of your relationship. Since hallways tend to have less sunlight, use lamps with natural brightness and place a potted plant or two if possible to give this space a bit of freshness.


The most important thing in everything you’ll be doing as a couple is to sit down and talk. Designing your love nest is something that will affect both of your lives and will require of you to accept it as individuals and a couple. To stay on the same page, have a look at the trends for 2018 and show one another what you would really want to do with the space you have, and try to reach an agreement from there. Let it be a perfect practice for all the future joint decisions and plans you will have to make for your marriage.