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Sorry folks, but winter is coming! While some hate the idea of the cold, many of us look forward to the winter equally as much as the summer. And when you’ve got a plethora of new style options to keep the cold at bay, it’s easier to embrace the season.

Whatever your style, you’ll find lots of options to boost your style on the catwalks, I mean sidewalks, of your hometown. From big jackets to all-weather shoes, these are the winter fashion style statements that will set you apart from the rest.

The Ethical Parka

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The parka coat is a winter essential that is always in style. Donning that padded, downy filling and big fur-lined hood almost makes winter a pleasure. If you’re concerned about animal welfare, then it’s best to avoid jackets with real fur linings and genuine duck down in favour of the synthetic alternative.

At the top end of ethical options is Fjallraven who offer Arctic standard jackets with synthetic fur lining. If your budget doesn’t stretch quite as far as the top of the range brands then take a look staples such as Columbia, RAB and North Face who all offer quality coats for a (more) reasonable price.

The Classic Hoodie

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Whatever your look, at some point you’ll be glad you had a good hoodie to throw on in the depths of winter. Brands like Patagonia and Burton offer options that have continued to grow in popularity due to their cultural reach and unique styles. After all, hoodies can be quite boring and the stark opposite of “style” if not carefully selected.

Baabuk Smart Wooler

Good shoes are an essential for the winter months. Brands like the Swiss wool footwear company, Baabuk, have come up with stylish winter footwear options to keep you warm through the coldest months. Their line of stylish high top Smart Wooler sneakers and 100% wool boots compliments any winter style.

Yup, believe it or not, these on-trend winter shoes are made from wool and are fully weatherproof. With hard wearing soles, real wool outer and merino wool lining, the Smart Woolers are perfect for wintery streets anywhere in the. And as an extra plus, the wool is ethically sourced!

Chunky Knit Beanies

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The beanie hat is nothing new in the winter fashion landscape, but these days the chunkier the better. Women can get away with oversized beanies with bobbles or even additions such as beads or jewel accents. Chunky knit wool is the best, but synthetic fabrics also look great.

Guys, beanies are always cool but catwalk styles indicate a move towards bold branding and patterns. Embrace it.

The Long Coat With Layers**

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The trend for the 2018/19 winter season is for layers of clothing underneath a long winter coat such as a leather mac, Matrix style. We all know how annoying it is when you head out into the cold winters day completely underdressed, but this year you can throw on as many layers as you can and top it off with a sleek jacket. Keep it as discrete or as chunky as you like!

Retro Ski Jackets

If you’re looking to really stand out and add a colourful splash to your high street then skip the leather jacket or the generic parka. You’ll find some great styles of retro ski jackets, you may even embrace some of the “out there” styles that we popular in decades ago.

Most cities and towns will have a vintage thrift store where you’ll be able to find headache-inducing ski jackets, or failing that, try eBay to do a search for retro ski jackets.

Check Scarves

scarf photoMany of the big fashion designers have been showcasing check patterns in their runway shows for 2018, so represent the years style with a scarf. Of course if your budget doesn’t stretch to Burberry you’ll find alternative brands that won’t break the bank.

Tartan, argyle check, plaid and Madras (Indian style) are all great check styles that come in a variety of colours. Whatever you decide to showoff this winter, make sure you stand out while staying warm on those cold streets!

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