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Whether you work in an office setting or have to attend formal or networking events often, you’ll likely need a three-piece suit at some point. Three piece suits come in handy when a dinner suit would be too formal, but you need something dressier than a two-piece suit. Looking your best becomes easy with all three pieces, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a complete look. Here are some practical tips to make sure you look particularly stylish in your three-piece suit.

Be Unbuttoned

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The very bottom button of your waistcoat should be unbuttoned when you’re wearing a three-piece suit. This fashion rule is said to have been started by King Edward VII. Although the reason for this bit of etiquette isn’t clear, the open button does make for a better silhouette and keeps your jacket from looking too bulky.

Keep Your Jacket Single-Breasted

Man in a Suit

When you get a suit tailored and have a waistcoat, the waistcoat will be practically hidden if you’re wearing a double-breasted jacket. A single-breasted jacket will be more flattering overall, and will show off your waistcoat. The waistcoat should also have a fitted waist so you’ll look more narrow in the midsection, but it shouldn’t fit too tightly.

Get Creative

Man In a Three-Piece Suit

If you don’t get a chance to wear your three-piece suit often, break the pieces up and create new outfits with them. For instance, you can wear the vest from the suit with a patterned button-down and dark denim. This look is relaxed but polished enough for Casual Fridays at the office. You can also wear the pants of your suit with a tailored sweater for a sophisticated look.

You can also add accessories to your suit, even when you’re not wearing all the pieces at same time. A fedora or pageboy cap is a fashionable addition to the vest and denim combo. Or, you can wear the jacket from your suit with traditional suit accessories like a pocket square and cuff links for a look that is both distinguished and laid-back.

Proper Grooming

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Finally, make sure that you look polished and neat when wearing your suit. Your shoes should coordinate with your suit, so if you’re wearing a black suit, black shoes are best. If your suit is dark blue, shoes in the same tone are appropriate, but you can also wear dark gray or black shoes. Wear a watch in gold or silver and make sure your nails are neat and trimmed. Hair loss solutions with hair building fibers can also help you to look your best in your suit, and a fresh shave will put the perfect finishing touches on your look.

Getting the perfect look with the perfect suit can take time. A three-piece suit seems to have a lot of little details, but if you know how to work them just right, the rest is easy. Use these tips next time you need to dress up.