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Choosing the perfect venue is one of the most important steps of wedding planning. Deciding whether you’d like your reception to be at a mesmerizing beach, in a beautiful park or maybe inside a gorgeous venue can be challenging, but it’s still necessary. Both indoor and outdoor venues have their good and bad sides, so be sure to check what those are, which will make your decision easier.

Indoor Wedding

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When it comes to indoor wedding venues, they’re perfect because you won’t have to think about weather issues. Even if it pours outside or it starts snowing, you and your guests will be comfortable inside. Furthermore, indoor venues offer much bigger décor possibilities. There are very few limitations that could prevent you from decorating the place like you’ve always wanted. All the flowers, ribbons, balloons and candles can be a part of your wedding décor, and you won’t have to worry about wind knocking anything down, or blowing the décor away. Additionally, indoor venues offer you the possibility to control the temperature. If someone suddenly feels too hot, you can cool down the room with the AC. What’s more, if your grandma suddenly feels cold, you can always seat her next to a heater to keep her comfortable.

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While there are many pros for indoor venues, you should know that you’ll be facing some restrictions as well. While you won’t have to worry about the weather spoiling your big day, the number of guests you’ll be able to invite will be limited, since there’s certain capacity every indoor venue has. Furthermore, many indoor venues struggle with convenient parking, docks, delivery ramps and many other issues. This can be a problem for caterers or the band when they start unloading their equipment. Additionally, indoor venues are more difficult to book than the outdoor ones because of a high demand. Therefore, it’ necessary to start looking for the best venue as much as nine months prior to the wedding.

Outdoor Wedding

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Having your wedding outdoors offers you a great atmosphere alongside fabulous environment. A wedding at the beach followed by a gentle breeze or a fabulous reception at the breathtaking vineyard will leave you with amazing memories. What’s more, the good thing about an outdoor wedding is the fact that you won’t have to think much about décor, since the nature itself will offer fabulous ambience. Additionally, you’ll be able to host much more guests to an outdoor venue, since the park, beach or vineyard have bigger capacity than indoor venues.

Another great thing about outdoor weddings is that a photographer will be able to create some fabulous images. However, it’s imperative that the weather is sunny so that the lighting can be adequate.

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On the other hand, an outdoor wedding will require you to spend a bit more money. You may need to provide the tent, and rent chairs and tables for the reception. Make sure your guests are well protected from the elements by ordering outdoor canopies, and make sure the weather doesn’t spoil your big day.

Finally, restrooms can be an issue if you opt for an outdoor wedding. Restrooms at the outdoor venues are usually not very close, so the guests may have to walk a bit longer. This is especially a problem if the venue is downhill.

Final Thoughts

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Deciding on the wedding venue is never an easy task. With so many wonderful locations and places, it’s a bit difficult to choose between an outdoor and indoor venue. Nevertheless, once you start planning your wedding be sure to have all the facts before you. Research all the good and bad sides of both types of venues, in order to have a fabulous wedding you’ve always dreamed about.