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In theory, getting into shape is fairly easy. All it requires are some basic lifestyle changes. In practice, however, most people find it very difficult, mostly because they have a hard time getting themselves to go out and get the physical activity needed to burn fat and build muscle. Here are four simple steps you can take to get your fitness journey started the right way.

Set Realistic Goals

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One of the things that can most easily kill motivation is having a goal that isn’t realistic or achievable. This is because you will certainly fail to meet an unreasonable goal, thus discouraging you from continuing to work toward better fitness. Instead, set a realistic goal you know you can achieve. When you reach a more reasonable goal, you’ll have the drive and motivation to reach larger goals over time.

Start With Just One Healthy Meal Per Day

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Everyone knows that nutrition is at least as important to fitness as exercise. If you’ve been eating the same way for years, however, you won’t be able to completely change your diet all at once and stick to it. Instead, start out by eating just one healthy meal each day. Tasty yet healthy menu options include chicken breast, lean beef, tilapia, sweet potatoes, green beans and fresh fruit. If you want to take your healthy meal on the go, you can also use any one of a variety of health shakes. The benefit with such shakes is that you can add your own supplements, such as those from SDI Labs, that will help to support your workouts later in the gym.

Get a Gym Membership

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If you want to improve your fitness, you’ll need to start hitting the gym. Ideally, you should try to find a gym that is close to your home or work so that it will be convenient to you. If it’s been a while since you worked out, don’t push yourself too hard at first. Start with two days each week at the gym, and then work up from there to avoid exhausting or injuring yourself.

Decrease Couch Time

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One of the many reasons people today struggle so much with fitness is the sheer number of sedentary activities that they participate in daily. Sitting on the computer, watching TV or browsing social media on your phone will not burn calories. Try to limit these activities to keep yourself from spending too much time being sedentary.

Becoming physically fit will require a great deal of dedication and patience, but these four simple steps will start you out on the right path. Remember to do a little bit to support your fitness goals every day, and you’ll soon see the changes you want in your body.