Jessica ALba

Celebrities are a major source of inspiration; be it their acting, their real life, things they say or do and how they live – everything is being watched and copied. Apart from all that, one area where people look up to high functioning celebs for some inspiration and help is their flawless style; the way they dress, accessorize and carry all of that is what influences people to adopt what their favorites wear. We all somehow get an idea about fashion trends from the celebrity world, we see on our television screens, phones or computers. In the quest to achieve their sense of style, women, sometimes, go overboard when trying to replicate their favorite celebrity style, without realizing that celebrities always have the luxury of wearing expensive designer wears and a stylist at their service, at all times. Here are a few tips to dress up like your favorite celebrities, without losing control over your budget.

Khloe’s Got Klass:

Khloe Kardashian

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Lately, there has been more happening in the lives of the rest of the Kardashian and Jenner clan, because it isn’t just Kim stealing all the lime light anymore. To be very honest, none of the Kardashians dress better than Khloe because she knows how to keep everything in place and knows how to carry the most boldest of looks without making it too obvious. Talk about her casual style and you can go all Khloe Kardashian without needing anything extraordinary. A casual black top paired with distressed denims and a gorgeous pair of statement suede pumps will make your casual look super chic. Take notes from Khloe and add some subtle vibrancy with an animal print bag and unusual shoes. We all know the secret to Khloe’s flawless curves is one of those waist training corsets she has been flaunting over her Instagram account.

Do it Like Jessica:

Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba although has been away from the big screen but she has a lot going on in her life and she is still winning in the style game. Talk about wearing your little black dress on a regular day and this image of Jessica Alba looking simply stunning strikes in your head. You don’t have to go buy an expensive dress to get this unique look, wear the one you already have and layer it with your most worn denim jacket. Now, all you need are the right shoes and accessories. You can go all black everything or add some fun element with red or ink blue pointed toe heels and bag. But, if you don’t need that go with your black heels and a cross body bag. To add more glam to this look you can accessorize this look with your favorite earrings and a simple watch, and you’re done!

Tone as Emma Stone:

Emma Stone

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Well, who doesn’t love contrasting colors and Emma Stone is toning it all down to perfection with this ever stylish red and black outfit. Playing with colors is not everyone’s forte but a red and black contrast is your safest bet when it comes to clothing. You can pair your brightest red top and high-waisted culottes. As for shoes, you’ll need to break the colors from your bottoms so take the colors from your top and add them to your feet. However, it’s absolutely fine to wear whatever shoes you have as long as you know how to keep it balanced. Don’t forget to wear your statement sunnies because you may not have to worry about papperazi but gotta keep it stylish!

You really don’t have to go spend every penny on your clothes, just get creative with whatever you already have.