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Green appears to be the new black in many aspects of life these days: from beauty, fashion, and food production to interior design, energy, business, and marketing, ECO labels are popping up everywhere, and it’s a good thing they are, too. The shift to environmentally safe products and technologies is in order, if not overdue, judging by activists’ warnings which have been growing louder and more numerous ever since the ‘70s. Right now, green trends are reshaping modern living in countless ways, and here are just a few eco-friendly trends that are making huge waves in the 21st century lifestyle, business, and industry.

No Beauty like Natural Beauty

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Organic beauty brands are multiplying at the speed of light, and ladies seem to more than just approve. Studies show that cosmetics free of synthetic ingredients entail little or no health risks with everyday use, and it’s also a well known fact that eco personal care products are safer for the environment than their classic chemical-laden counterparts. As a neat bonus, organic and natural beauty products are known to delay signs of aging and gently nourish skin, hair, and scalp, preventing irritation, dryness, and redness which are a common problem with standard commercial cosmetics.

Food Jumping on Organic Boat

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Skin and hair are the only organs that fare better with eco-safe nourishment in the mix. Organic food is becoming more popular by the day as consumers around the globe continue to wake up to the numerous benefits of groceries grown and produced sans chemical fertilizers, pesticides, flavors, dyes, and other additives. Nutrient denser and healthier for both human organism and the ecosystem, a diet structured around organic produce entails lower risk of food-borne illness, long-term health problems stemming from nutrition centered on ready-made food, and minimal environmental footprint.

Eco-Forward Fashion Is Now

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On top of food and cosmetics, fashion is another aspect of 21st century lifestyle that has jumped on the green wagon in the past few years. Clothing brands waving eco-safe and ethical flags are springing up across the globe, and use of sustainable materials such as organic cotton and wool, linen, hemp and flax fiber has spread to the production of fashion accessories including printed calico bags, recycled polyester belts, and bamboo jewelry. Durable and comfy, organic clothes come in as fashionable designs as their counterparts crafted from synthetic fiber, so by going eco-fashionista, you’ll get to claim the bragging rights as a green activist and look Wow-worthy while doing it, too.

Fifty Shades of Green Design

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Sustainable architecture and renewable building materials aren’t new, but it’s only in the past decade that they’ve received an added dose of attention on the global scale. Right now, green labels are a hot feature in interior design and building industry, and eco-friendly materials are regarded by an approving eye by a growing number of homebuyers around the world. Energy efficiency, low environmental impact, renewability, and recyclability are pushing the homeware design frontiers forward, and green building projects are already transforming the face of cities around the world beyond the limits of what architects thought was possible a couple of decades ago.

Powered by Eco-Safe Energy

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With global supplies of fossil fuel dwindling fast, renewable energy is becoming a much sought-after asset in many stable economies. Solar panels, biomass fuel, and wind turbines are just the tip of the green power iceberg, and governments around the world are slowly beginning to embrace eco-safe projects and initiatives in transport, construction, tourism, and many other sectors. On top of the shift to renewable fuel, energy-efficient tech is also stepping up to boost the environmentally friendly appeal of residential property, helping take the green energy game to a whole new level.

Sustainable Corporate Colors

Homes aren’t the only segment of the real estate market where the transition to green design is gaining a solid momentum. Corporate property is painted in sustainable shades, and renewable and recyclable materials and environmentally friendly features stand proud in the office design limelight. Eco-safe elements are no longer a luxury in corporate headquarters: they’ve become a downright necessity for brands which have their eyes set on the prize of peak profits and steady expansion. Paperless office, recycling, and eco-friendly tech are only a few green office features which are changing the way corporations, SMEs, and entrepreneurs handle day-to-day business tasks. Judging by current prospects, the business arena of the future will rock an eco guise, and for the common good no less.

Thanks to extensive environmentalist efforts, the world we live in is getting greener by the day, and we should all chip in if we’re to make the planet a better and safer place for generations to come. Don’t overlook sustainability trends: take the green cue, spare a eco-safe thought today, and do Mother Nature a huge favor, for her sake and your own.