start your day like a supermodel

To live like a supermodel isn’t really easy, no matter how simple it may seem. We see our supermodels, we fall in love with them with every appearance they make and we’d do anything to be at least a bit about them. Still, no matter how untouchable these glorious women appear, they are all real people with real lives and they’ve got pretty normal routines. Guess what? This makes it easy for all of us to pull a supermodel routine on our lives, or at least try to imitate it in order to get the best of our potentials.

models start a morning

How to make the most out of that first hour… even if you’re not a morning person.

After thoroughly researching through models’ habits and regimens, we’ve gathered something that may as well be the start of every healthy lifestyle – their days are totally planned out; they stick to various regimens and routines that work best for them and they find them key to their success.

Thus – for all of the women out there who are looking to give their lives a bit of supermodel lifestyle spark, we’re giving you some of the best insights we’ve collected so you may as well start following them the moment you’ve finished reading this article.

Here we go:

Wake up with the sun and follow a routine

Have you ever hard a successful person say they’ve started their day past 10 or 11 AM? Never. Everyone who is anyone knows that you have to start the day bright and early in order to have everything done.
Most models wake up around 6 AM in order to start their routines properly. Who says that you can’t look stunning in your sixties. Somali beauty Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid, professionally known as Iman proves you can. She wakes up at 6 AM and enjoys her espresso before she starts the day. Her routine never misses on a healthy protein raspberry or strawberry shake or a green coco juice before she starts exercising at 8AM.


Most people assume that supermodels are stuck up and snotty, but there are actually a few amazing supermodels who we look up to.

It’s no different with the Aussie stunner Miranda Kerr – she loves making smoothies with her son early in the morning (never after 8AM) – she calls it their little healthy ritual. Too cute! The Aussie mother of one is also big on a tall glass of warm lemonade before she eats anything else – it kick starts her metabolism and she recommends it to everyone!
And here’s another trick – if you want to have that wonderful Miranda Kerr skin – do some dry body brushing before you hit the shower in the morning as it removes dead skin cells, detoxifies your system, aids lymphatic drainage and keeps your skin smooth all over! Miranda describes it as an ‘integral part’ of her daily regime.

Ditch the soda and everything processed

No matter how banal it may appear but ditching the soda altogether from your diet will change everything! Not only you’ll be healthier but you’ll drop the weight quicker than you’ve imagined possible, at least that’s what our beautiful Gisele claims; she’s revealed she hasn’t had soda in years! Speak about strong character. This mother of two admits that, apart from ditching sodas and sweets, she always eats healthy foods so that her kids will follow her example. An absolutely adorable fact – her son’s first whole foods included papaya and avocado!

Exercise and find inner balance

This one goes without question. Our favorite supermodels swear by their exercise routines and each of them has found the best fitting sport for them. Whether it’s cardio boxing, power walks, dancing, weights or any other type of fitness you find exciting, you simply must incorporate exercising in your daily routine. You must. Do you really think Bundchen’s got that body ‘cos she’s slacking? Not really. In fast – believe it or not, her favorite sport is Kung Fu which helps her find inner balance and further helps her body stay toned and muscular. Ms Kerr, on the other hands, swears by meditation, yoga and pilates as they are her way into getting that stunning figure she has and keep her mind de-cluttered.

supermodels workout

Some supermodel have shared their workout routines with us.

No success will come from a tired mind and soul. With the hectic lives we live it’s imperative you give yourself a relax-session. Apart from chill walks models often opt for sessions at spiritual retreats that offer fantastic array of services for anyone who is overworked. It’s important to have some time for yourself and detach from everyday stress. You can also try Pilates, yoga, or any other exercise that brings peace to your mind. Iman loves her intense cardio she switches up from time to time – it helps her de-stress and keep a good body.

You know what they say – behind every successful man there is an even greater woman; but – behind every successful woman there is her commitment to a goal, and a routine she religiously follows. Well, the latter isn’t what they really say but it certainly is implied and in all honesty – quite obvious. Feeling like supermodel, yet? We almost are!