beautifully polished manicure

A good manicure has the power to make any woman look incredibly polished. It’s really amazing to see how much a simple manicure can do for a woman’s overall look. With all the things you’ve got going on in your life, it might seem difficult to maintain beautiful nails. However, there are four tricks to getting flawless fingernails. You can do these steps at home in your free time or go to the salon.


woman hands photo

Your hands come into contact with random doors, shopping carts and other items filled with germs. This happens on a daily basis. Even though you may wash your hands frequently, your skin can use the exfoliation. You don’t want to deal with calloused, dirty hands.

Exfoliation is a simple process. You can use a granulated scrub and rub it on your hands while they’re dry. Make sure to get the crevices of your fingers, the nail beds and the cuticles. Once you rinse the scrub from your hands, they’ll be soft to the touch. If you’d prefer to do this on wet skin, use hot water to open up the pores of the skin. This will allow you to achieve a deeper cleansing experience since the pores will be open.


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While your skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom, you’ll want to lock in the moisture from exfoliating by using a cream, butter or hand lotion. Furthermore, every time you wash your hands, you simultaneously deplete your skin of moisture. While the skin is somewhat damp, add the cream to your hands. This step will keep your skin incredibly soft and smooth.


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For a polished manicure, it’s important to remove the dead skin from your fingers. The dead skin usually builds up at your cuticles. First, use a cuticle oil to soften and push that area of the skin back. Use a cuticle remover to effectively remove the cuticles. This part is usually the least comfortable. If you get this part done at the salon, make sure the manicurist is using sterilized tools.


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The best manicures happen on a smooth surface. Make sure your nails are perfectly buffed and prepped for a beautiful coat of nail polish. If you’d like to choose an option that won’t chip for a while, consider choosing the Gel-Nails option.

In order to achieve flawless fingernails, you’ve got to become intentional about the maintenance of it all. Whether you go to the salon or do the process at home, make time for it. As you continue to remain consistent with the process, you’ll experience the perfection you desire.