Over the last few years, camouflage has become a fashion trend that many people can?t ignore. We all know that the fabric was originally made for soldiers to go undetected in jungle environments, but it turns out that it?s actually a cool design. It can be used for anything from headbands to shoes and everything in between
If you are looking to change up your look for the fall season, you have no shortage of options. You can completely turn around your look to look hipper, slimmer, sexier, younger or more sophisticated. All it takes is a bit of creativity. Buy A Leather Jacket If you don’t own a leather jacket, get one as soon as possi
Bracelets are trending in fashion jewelry for women for 2014, according to JCK Magazine. Depending on the style of the bracelets and of course, your own personal style, pairing two bracelets on the same wrist is the fashion look this summer. During the summer months, it is likely you will be wearing a lot of short sleeves
Fashion is a relative term. It is defined by the place, occasion, style and taste of people around you. Being a fashionista has everything to do with understanding how to accessorize differently. Anything unique and out of the ordinary makes a statement among peers; and the cool mix-and-match stands out in the crowd. In to
It is summertime and whether you are gathering at a backyard BBQ, lounging poolside at a fancy resort, or stepping out into the hottest club with your gal pals for an evening of fun, here are some jewelry 2014 trends that will keep you hot and fresh, in your attire. Orange According to Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor of JC
You saved a bundle ordering glasses online, after carefully choosing the right frame style and size for your face. Now your glasses have arrived in the mail. For most customers there will be no need to adjust the fit. However, for those who order a pair of glasses that need a little adjustment, we have a handy infographics
Most drivers probably know deep down that there are certain types of shoes that they should not wear when behind the wheel of a car but that knowledge doesn’t seem to be stopping many drivers from sporting dangerous attire. The wrong footwear can be extremely dangerous and if you don’t know what shoes you shoul
bead necklace
Few jewelry components provide you with the variety of shape and material that beads can offer you. With an assortment of bead bracelets, necklaces and earrings, you’ll have an endless number of ways to accessorize any outfit for any occasion. Start with a few favorites and add to your collection from jewelry makers