bead necklace

Few jewelry components provide you with the variety of shape and material that beads can offer you. With an assortment of bead bracelets, necklaces and earrings, you’ll have an endless number of ways to accessorize any outfit for any occasion. Start with a few favorites and add to your collection from jewelry makers around the world. You’ll soon have a supply of bead jewelry to create a unique look whenever you step out of the door.

Natural Stone Beads

beaded necklace

Beaded necklace

Wearing natural stone has a grounding effect and denotes confidence. Wear it to work or anywhere you need to be seen as a person in control. Stone is likely the first material used in the making of beads. If you never wore anything else, stone beads come in such a variety that you could wear something different every day for the rest of your life.

Picture jasper discs look like they have little sketches of nature on each one. Labradorite cylinders have an other worldly appearance with their soft green glow. A simple strand of round black onyx beads in a necklace have an elegant look. The shell-like sheen of opal beads on a sunny day connects you with the grounding force of Mother Nature.

Crystal Beads

The nearly magical look of crystal in beaded jewelry makes an impression by reflecting light off of their multiple facets and internal structures. Mix crystals with other materials to enhance an otherwise dull piece of jewelry. Natural or man-made, you have an infinite choice of colors, shapes and facets from which to choose.

Swarovski crystals have been a favorite since the early 20th century with round, square, rectangle, cone, oval and many other shapes. Each style comes in every color of the rainbow that lets you match your mood and outfit. Natural crystal materials such as amethyst and rose quartz give you a warm look while reflecting the light. Many people say they feel the magical property of natural crystals each time they wear them.

Clay and Resin Beads

These beads are created in artistic shapes from simple to complex. They can add an elegant or whimsical look to any outfit. These materials are great for everyday wear, are inexpensive and give you a creative look. You can feel comfortable with a handmade necklace of clay or resin beads in jeans, sundress or evening wear.

Traditional bead shapes can be found in clay or resin. Because of the flexibility of the material, you’ll often find flowers, leaves, figures and cameos. Different sizes are used in combination to create a necklace of spring wildflowers or a bracelet of favorite animals. Wearing clay and resin beads is like carrying an art show with you on your daily travels.

The Joy of Beads

Beaded jewelry gives you the option to change your look in any situation. They are the accessory that gives you unlimited ways to display your mood and your current taste. Designers come out with new approaches to using beads in jewelry each year. You will never get tired of the way you can use beads to enhance your look.

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