Over the last few years, camouflage has become a fashion trend that many people can?t ignore. We all know that the fabric was originally made for soldiers to go undetected in jungle environments, but it turns out that it?s actually a cool design. It can be used for anything from headbands to shoes and everything in between. One new trend is the advent of camo sunglasses. Numerous prominent sunglass brands have released their own camo designs and all of them tend to look amazing.

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Ray-Ban is probably the most iconic sunglass brand ever, and they have a wide range of styles to choose from. Whether you?re looking for the efficacy of Aviators or the classic style of the Wayfarers, Ray-Ban has you covered. They also have a wide range of camo styles to choose from. You can take this stylish design and take it to the streets with an incredible camo skin. You?ll definitely make a statement with a pair of these sunglasses over your eyes.


Known primarily as the preeminent force in hip-hop eyewear, CAZAL has been making sunglasses since the late 70?s. The innovative designs are a result of years of technology and research. Everyone knows about the iconic CAZAL 607s, first popularized by Darryl McDaniels from Run-D.M.C. Of course, as a company on the forefront of innovation, you would certainly expect a camo version from CAZAL. Indeed, they?ve created a pair of 607s (and 163s) with the same classic flair of the original but with a unique camo pattern. The thick rims are reminiscent of some of the styles worn by hip-hop?s elite, but it?s the camo that really sells these shades.


Oakley is another of the most prominent sunglass makers in the world. Of course, they sell other items (generally sporting goods), but their sunglasses have become iconic among eyewear aficionados. As a prominent seller of sportswear, you may expect Oakley camo sunglasses to have an entirely different use. Indeed, it?s not all about style when it comes to Oakley. They have a style of camo sunglasses actually serves the original purpose of camouflage. Marketed toward hunters, these sunglasses effectively cover you in camouflage from head to toe. As long as you have the other gear, you?ll blend in completely with your environment. You?ll also be able to block out the sun so you don?t get blinded at exactly the wrong time.

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Obviously, many other brands are jumping on the camo trend. In any event, it?s clear that sunglasses and camouflage go together hand-in-hand. Whether you need it for purely cosmetic purposes or you want to snag that buck without being detected, camo sunglasses can give you a distinctive leg up.

For style-conscious camo wearers, you can always use your sunglasses as an accessory. That means you can throw on a nice camo coat with your camo sunglasses to make the most out of this trend. Although this may be a trend, it is clear that camo will never really go out of style.

Kyle McKinley is a former merchandiser for a national retail chain in Ontario, Canada. He has since retired and spends his time writing about fashion tips and trends in the retail industry.