boho girl with flowers

So you have searched over 1000 hairstyles to find your new fashion hairstyle and are looking for fun ways to pin it back, pull it up or wear it down without looking plain Jane? Come on ladies, you know what I am talking about. That everyday wash and go. That long and beautiful, but just hanging without style. Not to mention keeping up with the latest trends in fashion hair accessories! Here are some fun tips to accessorize your hair do!

Natalie Portman Black Swan headpiece

Sparkles and Bling

The latest Hollywood trend in fashion hair accessories includes anything that sparkles. This creates options with barrettes, headbands and decorative bobby style pins. Silver definitely adds both sparkle and bling and looks great in all hair colors. There are also decorative clips and individual beads that you snap onto your hair. Finding ones that resemble gemstones, can be fun and creative when adding design to your hair. I recommend the snap on gems for long hair in darker shades of brown and black, to not only add dimension to your length but to really make it pop! If your length has layers you can accent the layers with the gems.


Floral headband

Headbands have been back in a big way. To correlate with the trending bling, a silver headband with paper flowers, beads or a decorative bow compliment both long and short hair styles. Ribbon style headbands or skinny elastic hair bands are cute and look best in shorter hairstyles; although they dress up a ponytail worn up by longer styles. Choose brighter colors for brunette and black shades, while blonds can rock blacks and browns. Blonds should avoid yellow and orange as they are not flattering to blond tints. Plastic headbands add a classic look to a longer style; however create a cute and desirable look in short hairstyles when the bangs are left out rather than being brushed back.

Hair Pins And Barrettes

No ladies I am not referencing the little girl, colored, plastic barrettes when I say barrettes can serve as a stylish addition to any length, color and hairstyle! There have been many additions to the barrette family since we were kids and some create pizzazz without distracting away from the cuteness of your cut. Gemstones and beads are fashionable and abundant, but be careful not to overdo it by snapping in too many, one or two should suffice!

pearl swirl pins

If, unfortunately, you have recently experienced that dreaded bad haircut; you know the one where your stylist takes too much off or not enough and your bangs are driving you insane hanging in or over your eyes? I suggest decorative hairpins to pull them back and no one will ever know. Hairpins can be as simple as a classic bobby pin, a gem stoned or even paper origami. These pins are great for twists and punk spins in shorter hairstyles as well. You can even create your own unique hair pins with plain bobby pins and some nail polish. Simply paint the pins and add your own creative color schemes, sparkles and bling!

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