bohemian jewellery
What a woman wears says a lot about her. This includes her clothes as well as her jewelry. While there are a lot of very nice traditional pieces, such as simple chains with pendants, strands of pearls or faux pearls, or small refined earrings; often times people look for a little more flair in their women’s jewelry,
thin belt
Belts serve more than the practical purpose of helping your pants or skirt stay up ? they are also fun, stylish accessories that can add a bit of punch to any outfit. No matter what your style, there is a belt out there that reflects it, but with so many different varieties, it can be hard to choose the right belt for an o
Aishwarya Rai
The earliest of the wrist watches were produced in the 16th century and were mostly worn by women and the men carried around their pocket watches till the early 20th century. The prominence of making wrist-watches for men grew with the development of advanced battle tactics where the soldiers were supposed to synchronize t
Whenever we look to the future there is always a feeling that it would be nice to get the present out the way first. However, anyone who is interested in fashion will have already turned their attention to early 2014 and be planning their wardrobes for spring and summer based on what we have seen from fashion shows around
diamond ring
It is a thrilling thing for most girls when they are given an engagement ring (and accept it!). You get to be the envy of your friends as you show off your sparkly diamonds, and of course there is the excitement of planning your wedding to look forward to too! However, one thing not a lot of women notice straight away as t
statement necklace
There was a time when gold was the most popular metal used in jewellery and whereas this may still be the case, many other types of precious metals are proving to be almost as, if not more, popular. In fact, silver jewellery is worn by both men and women and is a wonderful alternative to the many gold items we have seen ad
panama hat
Panama hats were worn by some of the most famous men in history, including the likes of Al Capone, Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill and many others Traditionally made in Ecuador, the Panama hat is a stylish headgear that is originally woven from palm fiber. It was considered as a status symbol for men since decades.
There has always been a large market for men’s jewelry, but the past one hundred years has seen this market greatly expand. New materials, designs and styles of jewelry have led to new and exciting opportunities for men to wear jewelry, and many modern men have just as much interest in these items as women. One of th
LV bag
Women, in general, simply love a romantic story and this is what I have to share while browsing several leather handbags online. If you believe that it?s possible to fall in love all over again, then you share my feelings when I spotted the brilliant hues and awesome designs of the handbags collection from an online shop.