You saved a bundle ordering glasses online, after carefully choosing the right frame style and size for your face. Now your glasses have arrived in the mail. For most customers there will be no need to adjust the fit. However, for those who order a pair of glasses that need a little adjustment, we have a handy infographics that will give you a solution for each problem you may encounter:

  • when the eyeglasses are sitting too low on your nose
  • when your glasses are pinhing your nose
  • when one lens is higher or lower than the other
  • when one lens is farther or out than the other

Although most of people have the chance to ask their optician to adjust their glasses, or are lucky to be the owners of self-adjusting specs, there is a group of people who will need to to it themselves. Remember that adjusting your eyeglasses is crucial because it can lead to better fit, comfort, and improved optics. Learn the following tips on how to properly adjust your glasses and never have them sliding down your face again!

Via: Zenni Optical