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It is a thrilling thing for most girls when they are given an engagement ring (and accept it!). You get to be the envy of your friends as you show off your sparkly diamonds, and of course there is the excitement of planning your wedding to look forward to too!

diamond ring

Diamond engagement ring via Flickr

However, one thing not a lot of women notice straight away as they first slip that ring onto their finger, is how it alters the way some other accessories worn on the hands or wrists look. Other rings, bracelets and even your watch may in some way jar visually with your engagement ring, so you may need to change the things you wear. Here are some tips:

Avoid Clashing Metals

colours clashing

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One of the basic rules of accessorizing with jewelry is to avoid metals that don’t look good together. While some items, especially watches, blend white and golden metal finishes and still look great, wearing solid blocks of one color metal close to another looks bad. This effectively means that if your engagement ring is platinum or white gold (which most are these days as fashion has trended that way), you should probably avoid gold bracelets and rings. Believe it or not you should avoid them on both arms and hands too, because hands are so often used together that the clash effect occurs even if the gold bangle (for example) is on your right wrist. In fact, it is better to match all metal jewelry, even necklaces and earrings, to your engagement ring’s metal color. It doesn’t need to be an exact match, but in the same tonal family. This means silver will look fine with platinum or white gold, but if your engagement ring is yellow gold you should avoid it.

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Think About Stones

coral earrings

Silver earring with glass beads, red jasper, coral and shell via Flickr

If you have a diamond engagement ring, with no other stones set in it, you can wear pretty much any other colored stones you like, as well as more diamonds, in your other jewelry. However, if you have a ring that features other stones, and rings are available with everything from traditional stones like rubies and sapphires through to more unusual things like amethyst and pink tourmaline, then you need to think about color when you buy or put on other jewelry. The stones don’t have to be the same as the ones used in your ring, but they should complement them in color. The same goes for other colored jewelry, even things like beads or charms on a charm bracelet. In many ways, while an engagement ring with colored stones can be beautiful and unique, it is actually the hardest kind to work with when it comes to your other pieces.

Of course, all rules are made to be broken and you may find that something works on you and looks good that really should clash! If you are confident in your own eye, experiment with different pieces and see how they look with your ring. Otherwise, these simple rules should help you avoid clashes.

The author of this post, Nolan Grey, is a jewelry designer at Diamonds on Web, a leading provider of princess cut diamond. An avid blogger, he shares his thoughts and ideas about different forms of jewelry through his blogs.