Whenever we look to the future there is always a feeling that it would be nice to get the present out the way first. However, anyone who is interested in fashion will have already turned their attention to early 2014 and be planning their wardrobes for spring and summer based on what we have seen from fashion shows around the world in recent weeks. These are the people who are trendy before a trend has even landed. How can you get ahead in the footwear stakes?


So many people, so many shoes! Flickr

Shoes Are Important

Okay, okay, so I know that I?m due an award from the department of stating the obvious with that heading, but how many people still today diminish the importance of a great pair of shoes? People everywhere just throw anything on their feet these days, and frankly it does nothing for their look.

In fact, I?d go so far as to say that you can be wearing the best outfit in the history of fashion from your head down to your ankles.

If your shoes don?t measure up however then that?s them blown out of the water ? you may as well be wearing a bin liner for all the good your shoes have done you.

The Collective Are Guilty Too

I?m giving individuals both barrels here, aren?t I? But what about the footwear brands? They have a hell of a lot to answer to as well. For too long footwear brands have only focussed on one thing or another without considering what it is people really want and are looking for. When most of us are happy to pay up to and over ?100 at times for a decent pair of shoes, is a bit of originality and common sense in the design really too much to ask for?

Some brands will focus purely on looks. That?s great, however my feet looking great and feeling great do need to meet somewhere in the middle. I don?t want to look good but not be able to walk.

The reverse of course is also true. The most comfortable shoes in the world you may well have given me, but how great would they look, and would they be a great match. if I ever decided to take wearing my bin liner seriously! Okay, so that is taking it too far, but given how much shoes can cost these days, it is better to have a pair you can wear with anything.

Does Anyone Get It Right?

Thankfully yes. Creative Recreation footwear from J-Bees takes everything you could ever want in a shoe ? from looks, comfort and durability ? they put it all together and come up with the perfect footwear for 2014. While creative recreation are first and foremost an urban clothing brand, take nothing away from their shoes being so good that they can adorn any look and still look amazing.

Creative recreation, as a brand, are a leading light in the world of footwear, and an example that many of the more mainstream brands would do well to learn a lesson from if they?re to stop this great label taking over the footwear world this year. Other brands, such as Adidas and Nike, also do a great job of embracing modern trends.

Author bio: Jemma loves urban fashion, and footwear in particular, and always ensures she has the latest styles in her wardrobe so she turns heads wherever she goes. In her spare time, Jemma involves travelling with her boyfriend.