I?m lovin? all the looks in Bebe?s new summer look book, but here?s a few of note-worthy trends I?d like to share with you for the summer season.

Don?t be afraid to wear all white this season. It?s the only time of year you can really get away with wearing all white without thinking it?s ?too summery? to wear, cuz well, summer IS around the corner. Throw on some earthy toned accessories such as bangles or earrings. Pair a white dress with pretty flats. Keep makeup natural with flirty eyelashes and pink lips.

Flowery, drapey tops are perfect for a night out on the town. They?re colorful and flirty, without being revealing. Pick any color from your top?s design and find a clutch that matches. Pair a top like this with white or black shorts, capris, or pants. The top is the fashion statement, so let the legs be more simple. Long, flowy waves or curls complete the look with some flashy eye makeup.

I?ve been trying to find a jumpsuit like this for the summer! It? even hotter now that it?s flesh toned. You don?t want a jumpsuit that has pants, that?s just too much, go for one like this, it has short sleeves but it?s not sleeveless which becomes trashy. It also has shorts which make it sexy as well as unbuttoning a FEW buttons to show some cleavage like the model does here. But put on a beaded necklace or one like she has on to downplay that cleavage a bit. Hot!

Those juicy hues! Find yourself a dress or put together an entire outfit that comes in a juicy, peachy hue like this one. You can get away with it, it?s summer time! Find a shade that makes you want to bite into a kiwi or some other sort of fruit..that?s the color you want! Match the shade to your accessories or at least make sure they are in the same color family. Notice her bracelet is more of a red, punch color but it?s just a deeper shade of her orange dress so it works. If you?re afraid of all that color, pair your outfit with neutral colored shoes and jewelry.

As for accessories for the warm weather, animal print is still in..try a earthy shade of an animal print like the first photo on the top left. Don?t wear a hot pink zebra print, THAT is out. Big, aviator sunglasses are in, along with bright hues, whether it?s for your outfit, your shoes, or your bag! Find a pair of shoes that have a two-toned bright color combination going on like the second top right photo..this way these shoes will match more than one outfit! You can also throw them on with a simple colored look to add some flavor. Bracelets or bangles in multiples and earthy colors such as browns and golds are hot. Very sunny and summery. Adds instant glam. Thick headbands in prints are in as well, wear it with your hair natural and flowy like the model in the bottom right photo. Even rock it with a pair of shades like she does here, which looks very rocker/hippie turned glamorous.