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There are ways to spruce up your look and impress those around you without buying an entire new wardrobe. How? By choosing new pieces wisely. It only takes one colorful or stand-out accessory to add an element of interest to you, and below you’ll find 4 ways to make your outfit dazzle your peers.

Mix Patterns

One of the hottest new trends in fashion is to mix and match various patterns. In the past, this was considered to be too loud, but now it is viewed as whimsical and eclectic. For instance, if you have a polka-dot dress or shirt in your closet, try pairing it with a cardigan or leggings that are striped or floral. Be bold and try to stand out in a crowd, and don’t be afraid pair intriguing patterns.

Fashion Eyeglasses

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If you haven’t embraced this trend already, you would have to be living under a rock if you haven’t at least noticed that everyone is wearing eye glasses, prescription or not, that really make a statement. Some companies, like All About Eyes, know that prescription glasses can be stylish and functional at the same time. The bolder, the better seems to be what people are thinking when choosing their glasses. If you already wear glasses, then it would be a seamless switch to purchase a pair of color-rimmed or pattern-rimmed glasses. A pair of glasses would really tie together an outfit and at the same time create an element of excitement about you.

Go Bold With Your Jeans

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Another awesome fashion trend is that of the colored jean. What’s this season’s color? It’s red, which would make you feel daring and edgy. You don’t have to stop at just one color, though. Other colors are great too, such as grey, black, taupe, and maroon. Pair colored jeans with a cool burn-out tee or dress it up with a wardrobe basic like a white button down shirt. Do you already have enough colored jeans? Then vary the way you wear them by rolling up the cuff once or twice and add some heels or boots.

Denim Everything

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Denim has come back in style in a big way, and the best part is that many people already own a lot of denim. One look to make an adventurous statement is to wear head-to-toe denim, pairing a denim buttoned down shirt with some jeans. The denim jacket is a must-have because you can wear it with practically everything, like leggings, tank-tops, skirts, you name it!

You don’t have to break the bank to look great. It just takes a little revamping of some of your old favorites and pairing together pieces that you may not normally wear together. If you’re willing to be a little courageous, try the four tips listed above and you’ll be sure to feel like the star of your own life.