denim menswear

Spring offers a delicate balanced style, as there are those who would prefer to stick with a smart, clean cut style. However, there are those that prefer to take the casual approach with a more laid back style. Spring is a time to utilise both and make the most out of the glorious weather. A complete spring outfit has both casual and a smart style, and here is what we’ve come up with.

A Clean-Cut Shirt

Spring is a time for all the clean cut, lightweight shirt clothing to make a reappearance. Lightweight shirts can help you when there is a sudden change in temperature, but also offer a stylish solution to increasing temperatures. Not many clothes can boast being stylish and comfortable, but lightweight shirts offer exactly that. Whether you are choosing to wear it untucked, or you are choosing to match it with a shirt and blazer, lightweight shirts are a great example of practicality and comfort.

We have chosen the Good For Nothing Arion black shirt. The shirt offers a simple two colouring design, with the primary colour being black. There is a small white detailing across the shoulders and cuff, with the GFN logo placed at the bottom of the shirt. It is a versatile option for those looking to wear it in a smart or casual style.

The Jeans

To be honest jeans can be worn in absolutely every season, so choosing the right colours and fitting can be based on the season. For the winter it is better to go with fitted dark jeans, for those winter mornings, whereas in the spring lighter colours and chino’s can now begin to play a part. However, we have decided to go with a pair of Antony Morato jeans. There are a variety of colours to choose from when selecting your jeans, however we have chosen the Antony Morato skinny Rudolph trousers.

Black on black work perfectly with one another and if the weather does decide to turn for the worst, the combination will look suitable for grey skies and slight rain. The jeans come in a classic pocket styling, with a skinny tailoring and finished with the Antony Morato branding.

The Versatile Trainers

black and red trainers

Shoes are the foundation of any outfit – a good pair can lift your look, while a bad pair will drag it down.

Cryuff offer a style that is sport inspired and reminiscent of the finesse that he provided as a footballer. It is a luxury, sport fashion inspired brand, and it is a mirrored image of Cryuff’s taste in fashion and stylistic playing style. Cryuff is confidence personified, perfect in time for the spring sunshine.

The foundation of a casual outfit always comes down to what you wear on your feet. Cryuff trainers are a perfect example of a versatile trainer capable of being worn in athletic sporting outfits and smart, casual. The combined black and red help offer another colour to mix into the all black outfit. It features a mixture of leather and textiles, without laces and is finished with the Cruyff branding.

The Finishing Touches

bracelet for man

Male bracelets have been around for ages, but now they are finally becoming mainstream.

Bracelets are coming increasingly popular into outfit choices, meaning that they can be incorporated into every season. Spring is a time for colours to be placed into your wardrobe, pushing away from blacks, some navy and greys. Take advantage of colour bracelets and add the finishing touches with Thomas Sabo’s Obsidian men’s bracelet. It is a combination of sterling silver, nylon and polished obsidian appearance. There aren’t many things that can truly finish off your outfit, but the Thomas Sabo Obsidian can add a touch of flair on a beautiful spring morning.