Man in a Suit

You?ve probably heard anyone can look good wearing nothing more than a simple t-shirt and jeans, but nothing can beat the style a well-tailored suit has. If a man?s suit doesn?t fit him properly, it can really detract from getting that clean, sharp style you want. With suits, fit is key, so it’s important to take it to make sure it’s fit especially for you. Still, there are a lot of mistakes you can make when trying to get a perfectly tailored combo. Below you?ll find some tips for avoiding those common errors.

Hemming the Jacket

First, make sure the sleeves of the suit jacket are hemmed correctly. Your jacket sleeves should end half an inch above the sleeves of your dress shirt. Around the arms, though it shouldn’t be suffocating, there shouldn’t be a lot of extra room. Make sure you are getting a good length, while not drowning in fabric. You may have to adjust with a tailor if you have longer or shorter arms.

Tightening up the Trousers                                                                                              

Your pants should sit just above the heel of your foot and show a break in between your legs. While you want a bit of room in the waist, don?t go overboard. You shouldn?t have gaps and scrunches in the fit here, and don?t rely on a belt to keep them up.

The Right Undershirt

Another commonly overlooked mistake is not leaving a good amount of room for undershirts. Luckily, it’s a mistake that is easily fixed. Simply pick yourself up a quality V-neck men?s undershirt from underfit.com and ditch the crewnecks for another day. Give yourself some extra waist space and can button your jacket over whatever you have on underneath. This way you can even stay warm with sweaters in the winter.

Fitting the Shirt

An issue men often think is unnoticeable is the too-big button down shirt. When it’s hidden behind the jacket, most think no one will be the wiser. Make sure you have at least a few good fitted shirts with sleeves that end at the wrist, fit your torso comfortably, and don?t scrunch up when tucked in. As for the collar, you shouldn’t be able to fit more than a single finger between your neck and the collar.

Once you’ve learned from these common suit fitting problems, there’s really no better way to look sharp, handsome, and put-together. With the right fit it?s possible to look your very best no matter the occasion.