athleisure wear

As we all know ‘athleisure’ or the ‘sports luxe’ has quickly been incorporated into the majority of labels releases. The athleisure trend has reinvigorated the likes of joggers, hoodies and trainers, moving them from casual loungewear to luxury streetwear. It can be difficult to achieve considering you need to find a fine balance of style and comfort, casual look with a luxury feel. However, with that being said we’ve listed 4 athleisure pieces to help you incorporate it into your outfits and your wardrobe.

Zip Up Hoodies

hoodie photo

Zip up hoodies have always been regarded as casual wear, even when the likes of Jack Wills and Ralph Lauren released their zip up ranges many years ago. The fabrics have become more technical, the fits have quickly become tailored or slim fitted, which allows you to seamlessly add jeans, t-shirts and more alongside this. It may seem bizarre to add a hoodie, or athletic based hoodie into the mix, however, once you experiment you’ll find the right combination for your outfit.

Muscle Fit Tees

fit girl photo

Muscle fit tees are a perfect summer addition to every wardrobe and if you’ve worked hard why not show your figure? They provide a clean-cut fit, which in turn will complement those who work tirelessly at the gym. Many brands are now taking the fitting on board so whatever brand you choose we’re sure it will fit in your outfit choices and will help you show off a little should you head on a night out. It brings together a smarter approach and will seamlessly fit into all of your outfits choices.

The Infamous Tank Top

woman top photo

Tank tops were once associated with the big lifting, body building people, however, they’ve now become a favourite amongst all types of outfits. Whether you want to have it for your holiday outfit or you want it incorporated into your summer look, tank tops are perfect. There are now more stylish options available, which arrive in oversized fits, complementing your figure but also covering enough up to make sure you can make an outfit out of it. It sounds simple, however, its something that be easily fitted into your outfit choice.

Track Pants

athleisure track pants

It wasn’t so long ago that joggers and track pants were often associated with fitness and the youths of today, however, not anymore. Brands have now taken track pants and joggers on board in order to make the fabrics a lot more technical and actually make them suitable for everyday wear and in any place. It moves away from the cuffed look and moves towards the smarter, tighter and cleaner cut, which in turn can be worn with anything, especially as they can be mistaken for trousers.