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Your first time at the gym can be a very scary experience, especially if you have never set foot in one before. Not knowing what to expect is very frustrating, and that can become even more intense when you are a girl. Our outfit is very important to us, no matter where we go – and that is true even for going for a workout. However, such clothes need to be functional, too. Whether you are a first-timer headed for your very first work out, or even a confident gym goer, here are some tips on what to wear to the gym.

  • Appropriate Footwear
workout shoes

Hot new sneaks will get you to the gym!

Wearing a worn-our pair of athletic shoes during a workout is doing your feet a disservice. On the other hand, good ones will promote correct alignment during exercise. Knees should be tracking over your toes, and that won’t happen if your shoes are not providing the support you need. That will lead to knee and foot pain. Replacing your shoes after about every 500 miles is the key to success – if you run two days a week, a new pair once a year is fine. If you run six to seven days a week, you should replace them every three months.

  • Workout-friendly Clothes

100-percent cotton clothes may seem like the most comfortable option, but you should stay away from it. This fabric absorbs moisture and it dries very slowly, which means that your sweat will weigh you down, give you chills and cause irritation. Instead of cotton wear, opt for quick-drying synthetics or some kind of lightweight fabrics which are designed for optimal evaporation. Besides that, you should avoid loose-fitting clothes. These are a safety hazard, because too much material can get you caught on something. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear tight workout wear – just trade your oversized clothes for more form-fitting ones. For instance, you can choose quality apparel from Legion Athletics, one of the top manufacturers of exercise clothes.

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  • Supportive Bra
There's no shortage of chic workout gear, but grabbing any cute top or legging isn't going to cut it for a serious workout

There’s no shortage of chic workout gear, but grabbing any cute top or legging isn’t going to cut it for a serious workout

An appropriate supportive bra is an absolute must-have for girls’ gym time. It will protect the ligaments and tissues in your chest from excessive stretching, which will allow you to work out without worries. Your bra should also be made of moisture-wicking fabrics, and you should have in mind the typical level of impact of your training. Low-impact bras are great for walking and yoga, whereas high-impact ones are the best for intense cardio classes. If you are large-chested, just make sure that your bra has wider straps which will provide maximum support.

  • Towel

Carrying a towel with you is always a good idea, especially if you are sweating a lot during a workout. Just choose the one that is large enough to cover gym benches and machines, because no one wants to sit in your sweat. Also, it is crucial that it is lightweight, odour-free and that it dries quickly. Besides that, make sure that it won’t cause irritation in your neck or on your skin.

  • Remove Wearable Hardware

orkout clothes

The best way to get motivated about going to the gym is being excited to get dressed.

Jewellery has no place in the gym, especially the pieces which hang and swing. Avoid wearing bracelets, necklaces and earrings, since they will prevent you from focusing on the workout. Even rings can be potentially dangerous – they can easily get caught on yoga or pilates mats, and even get damaged when lifting. Besides that, some other head accessories are not appropriate for the gym. Baseball caps and bandanas will just absorb sweat and make your head smell unpleasantly.

Being familiar with gym etiquette is very important, especially for novices. Comfortable clothing that allows movement is necessary – just make sure that it is not too baggy or too tight. It is possible to look good and feel comfy at the same time. Besides that, appropriate footwear is crucial for the quality of your workout. Remove all the jewellery, get a towel – and you’re ready to go!