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In today’s modern world, life is about fusion. We see it in everything from food to decorating, and it’s a major part of fashion these days. One of the hottest new fusion fashion trends is athleisure, which is the combination of athletic and leisure wear. Think Boho meets your gym clothes. Here are a few tips for looking like a star.

Athletic Capris With Oversized Shirts

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Ditch the jeggings, and pair your favorite wide-neck oversized shirt with a pair of athletic capris. Choose printed leggings for a sassier look or plain ones for a subtle look. To complete the outfit, slip on a pair of chucks or athletic sneakers. If you were a child of the 80s or 90s, you’ll be happy to know that high-tops are making a comeback in this fusion fashion trend.

Heels And Sweatpants

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Yes, you read that right. You can match a pair of glam heels with some sporty sweatpants. Pick some with elastic at the bottom to show off your calf muscles and accentuate the heels. Top off the look with a mesh tank or a graphic print tee.

Bralettes And Baggy Shirts

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You can pick a wide-neck sweatshirt or an oversized ripped tee. If you have an oversized mesh tank or a lightweight long-sleeve shirt, both will also work. Wear a crocheted or lacy bralette under the shirt for a stunning look. You can finish off the ensemble with sneakers and leggings or sweats and heels. To make your wardrobe more expansive, pick neutral bralette colors that coordinate with a wider array of garments.

Plaid And Caps

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You need at least a few different plaid shirts and baseball caps. Again, pick neutral colors if you are on a budget to make sure that you get more use out of them. You can wear the plaid shirt over a tank, cinch it like a crop top or tie it around your waist as an accessory. Messy waves under a ball cap will complete any athleisure look. If you prefer to skip the cap, a messy bun or ponytail with a scrunchie will accentuate your style.

These are just a few of the many innovative ways to look both athletic and fashionable. For cute and affordable athleisure pieces, check out Fabletics. The fab part of it is that you get customized clothing suggestions based on your preferences.