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Adding simplicity to your life helps you in many ways. Committing yourself to a minimalist lifestyle may be a bit difficult, especially if you are materialistic. But, if you learn how to control your urges and set some limits, you may feel a new and fresh kind of fulfillment and happiness that lasts much longer than when you began hoarding in items for yourself on impulse.

Less is always more. An immediate approach toward a simplistic lifestyle is good but at the same time, a huge step forward. Consider taking baby steps — change one of the things that are a big part of your everyday life, such as downsizing the accessories of your wardrobe.

Having more options in your wardrobe makes it hard for you to decide an outfit — especially if you have an indecisive personality. It is said that stylish women have few clothes in their wardrobe.

Take time out and take out massive items that you gathered over the years in your wardrobe. It’s time to clean your closet and only keep only the necessary items which you actually use on a regular basis.

There are a number of many reasons why we believe that a simple wardrobe can bring a positive impact in your life and here we have listed each of them down for your convenience:

Money Saved

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When you shop, you may spend money on unnecessary items. These items go in your closet, which means adding clothes which you may never wear. This wastes money since those clothes just stay in the closet untouched.

In fact, most of the hoard of clothes we gather in our wardrobe come from impulse buying when we see clothes just because they look cute or stylish. But these clothes don’t always end up looking good with everything so we rarely wear these pieces — hence the excessive number of clothes stacked away in the corner of the closet.

If you aim for a simple wardrobe, you won’t spend your days and money shopping at every clothing store or even spend hours slurping your money through online shopping for clothes you don’t necessarily need.

When you avoid buying these things, you end up saving money which you use for other purposes — such as to pay off debts, save them up for later use or invest them in some other healthy hobbies that bring you joy.

More Available Space

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The fewer clothes you buy and the more unwanted items you throw out, you ultimately create more space within your wardrobe.

The destructive avalanche of a wardrobe will cease to exist the moment you start to prioritize the items you need to place in it.

More space makes it easier for you to see exactly which clothes you have. Too many clothes stacked together creates a clutter and makes it difficult for you to see every piece of clothing you own to think of an outfit you want to wear.

Creativity Increases

Sure, a lot of clothes give you endless possibilities on the different kinds of outfits to wear, but did you know that a fewer number of clothes can do the same thing?

There are times when one piece of clothing such as crop tops or a shirt go extremely well with different kinds of bottoms and vice versa. If you invest in one piece of quality upper wear or lower wear, you will find that you can experiment with it, with different pieces of clothing. You can create your own stylish look with just a few pieces of quality clothes.

Plus, less clothes lead to less stress when it comes to deciding what to wear. Hence, creativity takes place of your stress, making your dress choices far much better than they used to be when you had a ton of unnecessary clothing hanging in your wardrobe.

Time is Saved

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The one thing we all face in the morning, is to decide what to wear for work. It’s frustrating and wastes time, especially if you have so many options to choose from. Now imagine the situation with a simple wardrobe.

You only have a few number of items stacked together which match perfectly with any piece of clothing and since you have a small yet good amount of clothes, you decide quickly.

It is common for women to not know what outfit to wear. It is a huge task for some people which can be solved if their wardrobe is sorted out. The best option is to buy a couple pair of jeans and pick out any cute shirts that go with it. This way, there is no confusion or frustration involved.

Happiness Earned

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You might think that throwing out your favorite clothes that you used to love or the gorgeous piece you got on a sale will make you upset, the reality, you will find, is actually quite different from that.

Decluttering and managing your wardrobe with only good quality clothes and accessories, will make you happy, refreshed, stress free and gain a sense of satisfaction from the process.

Plus, with fewer clothes, you pack light if you have to travel. The clothes that you choose to place in your wardrobe are the ones you love. If you wear the clothes you love every day, you lift your spirits and improve the aura around you, with the confidence you feel and the stylish look that your clothes represent.

Clothes are a part of our daily lives, and no matter how many we have, we always think that there’s nothing to wear. The type of outfit always depends on the place you want to wear it. If it’s a fancy party, then wear something fancy, if it’s a movie night, then wear casual. However, a simple wardrobe makes your life easy and stress free — the more options you have to choose from, the more stressful it gets.