This Summer, we?ll be seeing a lot of peplums, with the look appearing on tops, dresses, and suits. The overskirt idea, which can use different frills and sizes, makes peplums something that can be combined with a lot of different outfits, and can be an ideal way to layer your clothes during warmer weather. Why, then, have peplums been so consistently popular for the last few years? Moreover, what are some of the top items to look out for that feature peplums, and what should you try to avoid when wearing them?

formal peplum dress

Green peplum dress

In terms of why peplum style is so popular, we can view it as part of a more general trend for 1980s nostalgia and revivals, albeit updated with better fitting (and less shoulder pads) Peplums are popular due to their versatile and suitability for different body shapes ? they complement curves, and give skinny girls the chance to emphasize thinner waists, or to create a stronger silhouette with other body shapes.

Dresses, sleeveless dresses, and peplum tops can feature round necklines, and different levels of peplum detail and sizes around the waist ? sheath dresses, and black party dresses such as this dogtooth dress from Blue Inc. provide some examples of how peplums can be experimented with, and how they can be mixed and matched with different trousers, as well as with denim, pencil skirts, and sleeker dress shapes to create statement looks.

peplum dresses

Different types of peplum dresses

It?s also worth remembering that peplum jackets represent an excellent way to create a curvier shape, and particularly when they?re paired with a fitted bottom half. Tops and dresses with prints can found that allow you to experiment with different colours, and mean that you can have fun with florals and block colours around peplums ? the good thing about peplums is that their effect can be changed depending on what they?re being worn with.

However, there are some things that you should avoid when wearing peplums ? while pencil skirts can make peplums look great, be careful about wearing slim fitting black trousers or skinny jeans, as this can make you look like you?re wearing a too-short mini skirt and leggings. Lightweight jeans and cropped trousers are better options for peplums, and means that you can create better layers with complementing colours, as well as preventing peplums from taking up too much attention on your outfit.

Different body shapes are also helped by peplums in varying ways ? for straight figures, peplums create a more defined waist, and give you better curves and hips. Pear shapes can use peplums with tailoring to create a sleeker look, while apple shapes can add in some instant volume to their waist ? be careful, though, not to have too many frills, as peplums can become a bit frustrating when they?re constantly being crushed on the train or in crowds. Similarly, make sure that the peplum tops, dresses, and jackets you buy are well fitted, otherwise they might make you seem a bit out of proportion, and can lose some of their ability to create flattering shapes and lines.

Olivia is looking forward to the summer and being able to wearing her dogtooth dress from Blue Inc. She is getting ready for the summer already and can be found blogging about different styles to get you through the warmer weather.