Why is it, you can have a closet full of shoes and still not know which ones you want to wear for a certain occasion? It may be, you have so many choices that you can?t make up your mind, or conflicting clothing choices that just don?t seem to mesh with any of your footwear. It can help to know which types of heels are most appropriate for various occasions. Take a look at some of your favorite heels and find out what they?re best suited for, and how to better incorporate them into your outfits.

Kitten Heels

kitten heels

Walk the line between style and comfort in a sweet pair of kitten heels.

These are your low heels. Probably two to three inches high, these heels are a great mix of professional, yet feminine. They?re best suited for work since they?ll go beautifully with a pantsuit or power dress, and they won?t hurt your feet if you spend the day walking around the office. Try using them for events when you want to look professional and still feminine and elegant.



Who doesn’t love cute wedges?

Wedges also usually have a low heel, but because the heel is connected to the front of the shoe by a sole that grows thicker, they can be a little more stable than other heels. This makes them a great choice if you?re going to need to walk in unpaved terrain. Unfortunately, wedges are also a seasonal heel, usually only worn in the summer and spring. The perfect occasion for the wedge? An outdoor summer wedding at a beach or park. The wedges will be cute and comfortable, and you?ll easily be able to walk through the sand or gardens. Use them when you want to be flirty and fun, but still have the stability to stand.

Mid Heels

mid heels

Perfect for the office, city walks and formal events, mid heels take you from day to night.

Mid heels are over three inches but lower than five, and make for an extremely versatile show. While they may not be appropriate or comfortable at the office, they?re perfect almost anywhere else. If you?re headed to a dinner party, a date, or just a night out with the girls, these shoes will give you height, improve your posture, and make your legs look longer. They work well with short skirts or long dresses, and can even be a great addition to a regular jeans and t-shirt ensemble.

High Heels

high platform heels

From peep toes to platforms, sandals to shoe boots, high heels keep your feet on trend.

These are the tallest heels, and they come in a variety of styles, from spiky stilettos to chunky skyscrapers. Whether or not these heels are appropriate depends largely on how well you can walk in them and how tall you are. If you can?t get the hang of walking in tall heels without wobbling, or if you already tower over most of your friends, these may not be for everyday wear. Pair them with a short skirt and glittery top for a night out in the club, or an usual event you don?t go to often like a play or opera.


black flats

Dress in the flattering, versatile designs of flat shoes.

A cute pair of flats is always appropriate. They won?t give you height, but they?ll still look beautiful while allowing your feet to stay comfortable. You can also pair them with jeans, something that won?t work with most heels. Wear flats on casual Fridays, or any day you expect to spend extra hours on your feet. And if you?re going clubbing in a pair of high heels, bring a pair of flats along so you can change if your feet start to hurt later in the night.

Each heel has its own place in your schedule and outfit rotation. You really do need a variety of shoes in your closet, so the next time you have a discountrue Nordstrom coupon or spot a great sale on shoes, don?t feel guilty about going for it. You?re just ensuring that you have the perfect pair of shoes for any occasion.