Adding character to your wardrobe may feel confusing, but it is quite simple when you combine your fashion ideas with your personality. Doing so will help you create unique looks that those around you will love.

Create Outfits That Are “You”

girl in a blue shirt

Opt out of wearing the first thing you pull out of your wardrobe. Instead, wear things that fit your personality. For example, if your personality is very energetic and loud, wear clothing that is full of energy and attracts people with vibrant colors or glitter. Transfer your personality traits into your clothing choices.

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Start Accessorizing

bohemian jewellery

Using accessories is the easiest way to change up your style. Wearing rings, bracelets, and a necklace with a simple top and jeans is not a plain outfit at all. You can make your jewelry the focus point of your outfit. You could also plan your outfit off of your favorite purse, belt, or hat.

Incorporate Your Favorite Colors

fall fashion

Everyone has a color that looks great on them. Find out what color looks great on you that you love and make it a staple in your wardrobe. If you love pink and think it looks great on you, wear it. You could even wear a combination of colors that you like. Eventually people will start associating those colors as your staple colors.

Use Different Textures

fashion textures

There are so many textures to experiment with. A plain shirt and jeans would look great with a fringed vest, or a coat like the one shown here on this fashion page. This can really help add character to your clothes and add a lot of personality. Try looking into a bunch of different options and just try to decide what you think is best.

Shoes, Shoes, and Shoes

Shoes are a great way to change up your wardrobe. Instead of wearing the same sneakers or flats every day, try and wear some boots or heels. There are many websites like Simple Addiction where you can find trendy, cute shoes.

Wear Different Prints

pastel prints

CC Photo by dno1967b

You can make a simple outfit look unique when you add prints to the picture. Experiment with geometric shapes, stripes, and dots. You could pair a plain top with a cute floral print.

There are so many different ways to change up your wardrobe, but the best way to do so is to find inspiration in yourself. Your unique personality will shine through your fashion sense.