When it comes to the art of manliness and looking the part, it’s essential you remain true to your aesthetic sense. Personal style truly matters and defines who you are. Always keep in mind your body type, the colors you look most handsome in and the articles of clothing and accessories you feel at home wearing.

DNA Doesn’t Equal Fashion Intelligence

The comeback of a suit and coat

Great style can be developed, and looking at some celebrity fashion leaders like Ryan Gosling, Kanye West, Neil Patrick Harris, Drake, David Beckham, Aziz Ansari and George Clooney, can help you build upon a wardrobe and enhance your fashion personality. These men are all kickin’ it with incredible confidence and éclat. Being wealthy can mean expensive duds, but the real luxury comes from comfortable clothing. Dressing up on the red carpet is all fine and dandy, but watching how a celebrity looks in street wear speaks volumes, says GQ. Look up any photos of these stylish stars, and you’ll discover how they take it to the next level.

Tailor Those Natty Threads With A Fab Expert

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According to TheTrendSpotter, a tailor is a man’s best friend, because this professional can deliver perfect fitting with his brand of alterations. When your clothing is hanging on your body in the most attractive, polished way, then you know you’ve nailed it. Don’t be lazy buying a blazer whose arms are too long and then go about wearing it that way forever. Sophistication and style of a garment are determined by precise inches and construction, and a fine tailor recognizes exactly where he needs to define your unique contours.

Simplicity Is Nice – Even Down To A Tee

TheTrendSpotter also suggests not trying too hard. In other words, simplicity is a gem, and a man needs clean, fresh lines with good fitting pants and a blazer that looks designed just for the individual. Classics are another way to amp up your fashion game. It’s okay to buy some crazy trends, but the stuff that’s timeless always gets noticed. The ideal pair of jeans is a no-brainer, along with the tee-shirt you can reach for that feels good and goes with everything. Luckily, places like DHDWear create casual cotton tees in cycling themes that feel good and don’t constrict your swag.

A man can stay stylish and comfortable when he learns these easy tips. Just by taking the time to make a little bit of an extra effort you can really make a huge difference. Paying attention to small details with a classic approach and modern vibe pay off.