woman in a work dress

As the temperature’s heating up, many of us have already packed away our winter sweaters and have begun preparations for those hot sunny days we’ve missed so dearly. Now, women hate picking out work clothes every day because it’s an absolute nightmare and they obviously hate repeating clothes yet they are always indecisive on what to wear. Hey, they are women after all, they live to dress up and look glamorous. However, a work place can be a little tricky on what outfits are acceptable and which ones are a huge no!

Think of it in this way, would you want the president or the CEO of a company to see you in what you’re considering to wear? If you have the slightest doubts that it may not go in your favor and will not be making a good impression then its best you toss them away for another day. This article may be helpful as it highlights some of the things you should never wear to the office, these summers.

A bare tank top

ASOS Crop Tank In Knit With Fringing - White

Although there’s nothing wrong with wearing only a tank top if you decide to hit up a local beach with a bunch of friends or go sailing, but it might come off as a bit obscene in the work place. As a workplace is formal and you may be exposing a lot of skin which would give off a casual non serious impression, something which your seniors will definitely not appreciate.

Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Must-Haves

Linen pants

ASOS Linen Pants In Wide Leg - Wine

What appears like a great deal of coverage at the beach or a party can be seen as next to nothing, particularly if your pants are transparent. Besides them exposing your underwear, these pants tend to wrinkle more than genuine trousers, and trust me when I say, the whole look doesn’t precisely shout “professional.”

Miniskirts or dresses

3x1 Ruched Mini Skirt - Onyx

Summer is the perfect time for you to show off those perfect legs and have everyone envy you. But, wearing them to work may not be practical as you don’t want to flash a co-worker every time you bend down or sit on your chair. It’s best we leave the excitement for a Friday night!

Wet hair and customized clothing

ASOS Bomber Jacket With Zip In Stripe Jersey

There’s nothing sexier than a girl with wet hair and a letterman jacket on top. It can make any guy want to marry you. However, wear that to work and you’ll have your boss convinced that you work for the mafia. Avoid wearing anything with patches which tends to give off a nonprofessional look.

Flip flops

Iceberg Leather Toepost Flip Flop

Who doesn’t want to wear flip flops to work in summers? Nobody likes the feeling of sweat accumulating in their shoes but then again, you don’t want everyone eyeing you at the office and thinking you probably forgot to wear shoes. You can wear heels or flat pumps which are perfect because they go along with almost every outfit and allow air to pass by. Plus, they give you an overall graceful and sexy look!

Nothing strapless

AX Paris Plunge Front Strapless Midi Dress - Nude

We’ve seen this look under a jacket, and still, at the end of the day the whole look screams out an after party rather than a business meeting. Besides, who needs to be pulling up her top throughout the day or worse, have it slip before your boss? Good luck recovering from that!

When it comes to work, dressing up professionally is something that will always let you score. It never fails to impress them and it never hurts staying in your boss’s good books. You may not know when this may pay of as something beneficial to you. If you dress up as if you’re going to your best friend’s house then you’re in for a ride. Your seniors will always be looking for reasons to pick at you or for a reason that will allow them to hold a grudge against you. You could roam around shirtless in your apartment but at work you need to give them the impression that you’re a driven, hard working individual who takes her work seriously.

Photo by International Information Program (IIP) Photo by Luis LuCheng