Man and his jaw

Though there are many different measures of what makes someone physically attractive, a strong jawline if often one of the most overlooked. Having a good jawline makes your face as a whole look better while drawing attention to it. Here are four of the best ways for you to keep your jawline looking as defined as possible.

Keep the Weight off

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In order for a defined jawline to show through, your jaw bones need to be somewhat visible below the surface of the skin and muscle on your face. If you gain too much weight, though, a layer of fat can form, obscuring or even hiding your jawline. If you want to keep your jaw looking perfect, make sure you take good care of yourself and stay relatively fit.

Men, Use Your Beard as an Accent

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When it comes to making a jawline look good, men have an advantage over women in the form of the ability to grow a beard. A beard that is neatly trimmed right at the jawline can bring it out, making it look more defined than it really is. To make full use of this, though, you need to keep your beard short and very neatly trimmed. If you let it get too long or grow down too far, it will obscure your jawline altogether.

Avoid Facial Bone Deterioration

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Over time, the bones in your face can deteriorate for a number of reasons. If you have had a jaw infection at some point, this deterioration can be particularly bad. To prevent this, be sure to maintain good oral health and eat plenty of calcium to keep your bones from suffering slow, non-infectious deterioration. If you have missing teeth, your jaw can also suffer as a result. Consider getting dental implants, which will replace the roots of your teeth and maintain your jaw structure.

Keep Your Skin Clear

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Although your skin doesn’t directly affect your jawline, blemishes in it can draw the eye away from your jaw and even create the illusion of unevenness in your otherwise flawless jawline. Try to take good care of your skin so that it will show off your best features, rather than detracting from them.

By using these simple methods, you can keep your jawline looking its best almost indefinitely. Though it’s a relatively small feature, you’d be surprised just how much effect a good-looking jawline has on your overall physical appearance.