spring clothing

Many times people have two wardrobes: a summer wardrobe and a winter wardrobe. This is because they have clothes for hot weather and clothes for cold weather. In reality, however, there are four seasons and not having a spring wardrobe keeps you from enjoying some great perks to spring dressing. Here are three stylish reasons to upgrade your wardrobe for spring.

1. Great color palettes and great fabric weights

spring colours in clothing

Winter wardrobes tend to be made of heavy, bulky materials in dark colors or bold, heavy palettes. Even brighter winter colors in jewel tones like emerald, ruby and sapphire are still just too heavy for spring. Heavy weight fabrics like wool and thick cotton blends are also too heavy for the more moderate temperatures of spring, but summer clothing doesn’t provide enough protection against lower spring temps. Spring is a time for lighter colors and fun plaids that still offer a slightly heavier weight than summer clothing.

2. Appropriate cuts

distressed denim

Spring is still generally too cold for shorts, but you can put away the heavyweight boot cut jeans made to fit over your heavy winter boots. Spring is a time for capris or straight legged jeans in lighter fabrics to wear with sneakers or slides. Even men can get in on the spring action with lighter weight jeans in cuts made for shoes and not boots. Spring is also a time for more casual trousers like those available from All USA Clothing. Layer a short sleeved shrug over a sleeveless dress or top to take advantage of the warmer afternoons, while still being protected against the chillier mornings and evenings.

3. Rain and not snow

spring clothes photo

Winter gear is often designed to protect against snow, but doesn’t always do as well against the wetter weather of spring. Boots are often fur lined and too hot for the milder temps and winter boots don’t always protect well against deep puddles. Spring is a time for fun rain boots, stylish trench coats and other wet weather gear made to dry quickly. Fun umbrellas can actually make a great accessory and many are small enough to tuck in a purse or briefcase.

Spring is a time to shake off the winter blues and start enjoying the sun once again. Bright, fresh colors are a great way to shake up your winter wardrobe and get ready for summer. Give your spring wardrobe a much-needed style update and take a tip from the blooms and blossoms slowly peeking their heads up through the silt and snow during this fabulous season.