rainbow lips

In recent years, lipstick has become the staple of any stylish lady’s makeup. It can even be safe to say that a perfect lipstick shade is actually considered more beautiful and fashionable than eye makeup. In that respect, year 2017 definitely comes with some interesting lip trends that boost your confidence and make your overall appearance more unique. If you’re unsure what to expect, keep on reading.

You can’t keep changing men, so you settle for changing your lipstick. Heather Locklear

Red lip

red lipstick

Well, this is a timeless trend that will never go out of style and therefore it’s necessay to be mentioned here as well. But, in all honesty, there will never be a better lip color to paint your lips with for those special fancy occasions. Still, it has to be noted that choosing a perfect shade of red lipstick for your particular skin tone has to be done very carefully. What’s more, red shades with blue undertones seem to gain popularity over those with orange undertone, so keep that in mind. Strawberry shades and true Russian reds are must haves for 2017.

Nude lip

nude lipstick

Again, the headline “nude lip” doesn’t really seem too unexpected or innovative for 2017. But, there is a great twist to nude lipsticks. It’s perfectly fine to stick to your pinkish and coral nudes, but the year 2017 will be all about those mauve and lavender undertones. Yes, nude lipsticks that have these specific qualities are getting ready to overtake your regular shades. So keep an eye out for those interestingly muted nude shades so that you can find one that suits you the best.

Really dark lip

beyonce dark red lipstick

In general, dark and bold lips are usually reserved for fall and winter season. Of course, this premise remains true, but 2017 comes with a new trend that involves rocking these dark and bold colors all year round. And this doesn’t only include your typical dark reds and browns, but really dark plums and even black. The time is coming to embrace your inner goth!

dark red lipstick

Crazy lip colors

colourful lipsticks

You know it’s true. More and more makeup companies have started coming out with new lines and lipstick shades that are straight in your face bright and unique. It might be your style or it might not, but be prepared to welcome various shades of greens, blues, grays and purples that would make your head spin. These are truly gorgeous and if you want to rock some of these interesting shades, make sure that you keep your smile perfect. Good orthodontist and proper teeth care would ensure that you look positively stunning with some of these crazy lip shades on.

Glitter lip

glitter lipstick

Yes, it’s here! Even though the matt lipstick formula is still a big trend, glitter and metallic lipsticks are making their comeback in 2017. And when it comes to the specific shades, there are practically no rules! The best thing is that companies work their hardest to provide their customers with glitter and metallic lips shades that are waterproof and transfer-free so that you won’t have to worry about glitter getting everywhere. Of course, there will be other creamier formulas around as well for those who don’t like the dryness of the waterproof formula.

glitter lipstick

It seems that 2017 will be full of innovations and surprises when it comes to lipsticks. If you’re all for rocking some of these shades, make sure to keep your lips healthy and smooth. So, remember that lips too need exfoliation and apply a generous layer of lip treatment before you get to sleep. That way, whatever lipstick color or formula you choose to go for, your lips will look absolutely amazing.