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Every season brings new trends. This time around, it appears that items of knitwear are going to be the must-wear garments for the autumn and winter. Designers everywhere are creating interesting looking jumpers, cardigans, skirts and dresses that are made from knitted fabrics. If you want to know more about the must have knitwear items, all you need to do is to read on.

The Coatigan

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One of the freshest trends is the coatigan. This interesting garment is best described as a cross between a coat and a cardigan. If you indulge in buying one of these the chances are you will get an awful lot of use out of it. You can potentially wear it for walking the dog on a crisp autumn morning, or use it as an alternative to a dressing gown. It is perfect to wear instead of snuggling under a blanket to indulge in a box set marathon.

Jersey Dresses

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Jersey is a truly wonderful fabric. It is soft and flexible. Therefore, if you have nice curves it will look especially good on you.

A mid/length black or dark blue jersey dress will prove to be a versatile addition to any woman’s wardrobe. You could dress it up with a belt and some statement jewellery to wear for a party or pair it with a smart jacket for the office. This style of dress needs to fit perfectly to look good. Therefore it is wise to take the time to view yourself from all angles when you try it on.

The Cable-Knit Look

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It has been a while since cable-knit sweaters were last in fashion, but it would appear that they genuinely are back in vogue. This month, models on several catwalks have been spotted wearing cable-knit style dresses, cardigans and jumpers. It is a surprisingly stylish look which works well whether you like to dress casually in jeans or smartly in skirts.

Polo Necks

Given the fact that high neck blouses made a bit of a comeback this summer, it is not all that surprising to see polo necks appearing in autumn collections. They are not for everyone, but they are an easy way to add a touch of chic to your wardrobe. If you do not like the feeling of wearing something around your neck do not dismiss this style of top completely. Several designers are offering loose fit polo neck tops as well as the more traditional closely fitted type, so try some of these on.

Embroidered Jumpers

If you like colourful outfits, you will love the range of embroidered jumpers that are gradually becoming available in the shops. There is a very good choice, but most designers appear to have stuck with floral designs. These jumpers are very bold and bright, so they are likely to look best worn with a plain skirt, jeans or trousers.

Caring for Knitted Items of Clothing

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If you do decide to treat yourself to some new knitwear, it is worth taking the time to read this in-depth article. It explains how to care for all kinds of knitted garments.