One of the fastest-growing fashion trends is incorporating past decades into your daily wardrobe. Layering a vintage look with a more modern wardrobe can make for a very stylish and fresh take on old clothes. It also gives the wearer a sense of connectivity with history and the world. Here are some great ways to incorporate past decades into your wardrobe.


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Maybe you don’t have the budget to go out and buy all new clothes in order to get some of that old-fashioned flair, but accessorizing your current wardrobe with jewelry, scarves, or other pieces can bring an adorable hint of history to your style. If you have anything polka-dotted, pair it with a matching-colored hair scarf and some bright red lipstick for an adorable fifties pin-up style throwback. Carry a fringed purse with your outfit and wear a jeweled headband to mimic flapper style and for a tribute to the roarin’ twenties. Wear your favorite shirt and modern heels with some high-waisted flare jeans for a subtle nod to the sixties. Get your glasses prescription in a cat-eye style frame from places like All About Eyes and give yourself a sixties-themed face, no matter what else you wear!

Tailor Your Current Wardrobe Items

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Many of your items in your current wardrobe may likely be tailored to fit different decades. For example, a flowing, white, long-sleeved shirt could be paired with a brown vest and a maxi skirt to mimic an old-world renaissance style. If you wear that same top combo with tight jeans, it could be a great tribute to the eighties. Many of your items can look vintage with a simple roll of the sleeves or paired with something else in your closet. A white tee-shirt and jeans can easily become another great eighties outfit if the sleeves are rolled up and worn with some leather shoes or a leather jacket.

Shop Vintage

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Another great way to incorporate other decades into your look is to shop vintage. Many cities have vintage boutiques or a vintage section in a thrift store that could have some amazing and inexpensive finds. There are also online stores and shops through websites like Etsy that have great vintage finds. You may find an amazing vintage jean jacket with great patches sewed on it for a fun eighties or even nineties look. There are also incredible dresses left at some thrift stores that could make a formal outing even more fun. Study Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn’s style, and thrift shop with something in mind!

Fashion is fun, and should inspire you in daily life. Use your current wardrobe and see if you can’t add some spice with a few decades-themed ideas. You’re sure to stumble on something you love, and you’ll get a whole new look out of it.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer