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Whether you’re headed into your first year of college or your last few semesters, back to school season always calls for a closet refresh. As you set up your wardrobe for the upcoming change in the weather, it’s important to keep in mind all of the college closet staples you should keep with you. From shopping to saving, here’s your back-to-school guide for the perfect college closet.

Multiple Jackets

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Firstly, a great rule of thumb as you head back to campus is to be sure you have multiple jackets in your arsenal of clothing. For practical purposes, try to keep a winter and rain jacket on hand at all times. In terms of style, some staple pieces you should consider investing in include a classic jean jacket, and a light wear colorful zip up. Having stylish coats in your closet are a must when you’re rushing from class to class.

Athleisure Wear

One of the best things about college classes is that most, if not all of them, have no standard dress code. If you’re someone who wants to embrace both comfort and style as you sit through your weekly lectures, consider adding some athleisure wear to your shopping list. Whether you find the perfect pair of leggings for your night classes or a comfy, yet in season sweatshirt for colder days, the options are both cute and endless. Though some athleisure brands can cost a pretty penny, there are many saving alternatives you can enact as a college student to get the comfortable look for less. Try shopping at outlets like Marshalls, or even look for used styles online with websites like thredUP. You’ll be able to find notable brands like Lululemon at a college student price.

Seasonal Style

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Whether you plan to travel home for the holidays or stay on campus, having seasonal style options at school is crucial. While your classes might begin during the warmer months, you’ll quickly find that the temperature can drop just as quickly as your grades. Always be sure to have several long sleeves and pairs of pants at the ready. If you’re worried about being too warm wearing jeans to class, invest in the ripped mom-jean look, or DIY your own rips to create a style that’s perfect for the highs and lows of fall.

Weekend Looks

Classes make the week exhausting and it’s no secret that the weekends aren’t always the best time to recharge. You never know when your roommate will ask you for a night out on the town. Make it easy on yourself by having a few go-to dresses and some semi-casual skirts to choose from, along with some neutral-colored body suits. These options will keep you ready to go out at any time, and keep you in step with college fashion trends.

Simple Shoes

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College students do a lot of walking, and yes, sometimes running to class. A great way to take care of your feet, while still staying in style, is by purchasing simple footwear. From your classic pair of sandals to a sleek white pair of sneakers, keeping what’s on your feet as basic as possible will keep your outfits looking more consistent in the long run, no pun intended. Choose colors that tend to go with everything, like black or brown, as these will get you a better bang for your buck in terms of outfit versatility.