American woman

It only takes a couple of days exploring a European city to notice one thing: Americans dress differently than the rest of the world. Americans might have gained a bad rep for their casual style choices, but one Newsweek article worded it so eloquently by describing the style of Americans as “simple, not sloppy”. Keeping that in mind, here are six of the best contributions the USA has made to the world of fashion.


distressed denim

It wouldn’t be a conversation about American fashion without mentioning this closet staple. Whether it’s a rugged pair of jeans or cutoff shorts, denim, such as that found at places like All USA Clothing, has always been the most representative piece of American style. Jeans are an important part of American culture and society. Almost everyone has a pair of jeans. Americans have developed a knack for dressing up a nice pair of jeans with high heels, or creating a more casual look with sneakers and a baseball hat.


preppy fashion

Nothing says American style like a pair of khakis and a polo shirt. This simple yet sophisticated combo is both relaxed and stylish. This is definitely a great outfit for you to wear if you are looking for something casual and comfortable to wear. With a shirt like this you can really impress people without trying too hard.

Active Wear

workout clothes

Amp up your fitness look mixing fashion and athletic pieces

The trend to hit the grocery store in yoga pants and a workout shirt has swept the US, and women across the country are embracing this casual, comfortable way of dressing. An article by Timesunion describes the appeal of wearing yoga clothes for everyday activities by saying that active wear “evokes a sense of athleticism and wellbeing, which only adds to its appeal.”

Oversized Purses

LV bag

Louis Vuitton handbag

American women love their large purses. Not only do these oversized bags make a statement, they also carry the practical value of holding all the necessities of a woman on the go. This is definitely a great way to stay stylish and practical at the same time.

Western Wear

western photo

From classic boots to cowboy hats and plaid shirts, Americans have embraced their history and adopted some of the staples of the Wild West into their wardrobes. The cowboy look will always be a uniquely American way of expressing oneself through fashion.

Sports Logos

This American fashion trend, most commonly worn by men, is another great representation of the simplicity of American clothing. From baseball hats to T-shirts donning a favorite team’s logo, athletic competitiveness and pride has found an expression in American style.

The world may describe the American look as informal and casual, but after a closer look at fashion contributions made through this simplicity, Americans should take it as a compliment. From effortless classics to comfortable basics, Americans have a way of dressing themselves that looks clean and put together without trying too hard.