boho girl

We love our boho and aren’t afraid to admit it! Trends come and go but commitment to style, exciting elegance and thrilling cuts will forever be a staple of good taste.

For all the girly girls out there or other chicks that are finally deciding to show their softer, dreamy side, boho is the style to embrace, especially during hot summer days. There’s nothing as light and romantic as a white lace dress accessorized with feathers around your neck or a jean shorts topped off with a gorgeous floral cropped top and a see-through mauve cardigan… oh, wait – there is – a rich boho hairstyle to seal the deal.

With the summer not yet being over and long, warm days still gracing us with their charm, we suggest opting for a boho chic hairdo to imitate the ease and glory of this wonderful season.

Here are some of our favorite suggestions:

French Braided Boho

For all the long-haired girls, windswept waves paired up with beautiful French braids have been the choice to go with; the key element though is not to braid your hairdo too close to the scalp. Rather, let the braid be loose and top it off with a few strands of hair to give the hairdo a casual vibe. Once you’ve done your braid(s) –  all you need to add is a loose ‘peasant blouse’ and a flowing skirt for a total Boho makeover.

Fancy Ponytail

fancy ponytail

A textured pony tied up and decorated with a flower will make anyone jealous. Boho loves slick and easy, so go for it! For creating a perfect sleek ponytail professionals recommend GHD hair straighteners for a high and flawless yet very natural ponytail hairstyle.

Beach-Ready Messy Milk Braids

milkmaid braids

Milkmaid braids will never go out of style and they are perfect for all girls that are into casual chic, fun looks. Paired up with a thin, weaved headband worn on your forehead and a pair of feather earrings, the braids will look amazing!

Turban Updo

For a retro and fun, boho-inspired look opting for a so-called turban updo is the way to go. Tied up in a messy bun with a thick braid around it, the hairdo will nail it.

Effortlessly Tousled

toussled hair

What, this? I’ve been walking around all day and it just got that way. To achieve this look, though – rely on the right products from your favourite haircare brand to keep the I-don’t-care-vibe still and chic.

Romantic Boho Lace Braid Updo

side braid

Messy knots and braids combined are the two ingredients in a perfect boho updo. A tad dramatic but easy at the same time, this look is perfect for a casual date night.

Flower Headband Wrap

Floral Headband

Choose between effortless headband curls or a bohemian rolled updo, complete with flower headband for a perfectly romantic, sweet look. Even better, wear both on two different days and occasions.

Boho hairstyle accessories

hair accessory

Plaited detail hair bands, floral hair accessories, feathers and strings of tiny ornaments to scatter around your hairdo are amazing boho choices. Properly placed, they’ll look appealing and give you a youthful Boho look everyone will be jealous of!

We never thought boho hair would become THIS popular, but it has; based originally on the traditional styles of Bohemian village-women, boho hairstyles are channeling the easy, chic yet practical styles every woman can fashion in a few steps.

Featured image credit: Flickr CC