smokey eye

A lot of people see smoky black eye makeup as akin to the LBD of the makeup world. It?s sexy, it?s flirtatious and it?s exciting too and if applied correctly really looks the part. So, let?s take a closer look at how to do it well.

Eyes First

Starting with the eyes makes sense on a lot of levels. Generally, there is some sort of shadow smudging left over from the eyes and it?s much easier to wipe this off skin with no makeup on it than if it has make up on it.


Primer is essential for smoky eye shadow and it creates a smooth and even base that makes blending a lot easier. It also aids longevity.


Remember that the best smoky eyes form a gradient from dark to light. This means that you will need a number of different colours to form this shadow. So, you need a dark black, light black, a few grey eye shadows and a white for highlighting.


Eyeliner is as essential to the smoky eye make-up good heels are to a LBD. Pencils and crayons work best here as they are harder to smudge. Liner is required on the top and bottom lash line and also on the water line. It blends into the eye shadow, so perfect lines are not required.


A good quality brush will make your life a lot easier and make blending harsh lines simple. Use small circular motions to create the effect. Clean before each new area.

Skin Tone

As you may want your skin tone to overlap the top of the crease shadow, it?s best to apply a shadow that?s a little lighter than your skin to the brow area.


A little highlighter in the centre of the brow area blended above and below the tear duct brightens up the eye, to create that glimmering look that works so well with dark makeup.


The lashes are next. These are ever so important in this arena and you need to really add plenty of mascara to your top lashes. Move the wand at the roots, as this creates voluptuous lashes. When, holding the wand, blink as this will add some length.

Bottom Lashes

The bottom lashes don?t need a lot of mascara and a waterproof formula is often best. The top is perfect with a regular formula. If you want to add false lashes, whether flared or strip, then do. These create a very dramatic effect.

The Face

Of course, when the smoky eye makeup is done, then you need to focus on the rest of the face. This can be easily achieved with a little bronzer and blush and a neutral lipstick. This all looks wonderful with the smoky eye makeup.

Smoky eye makeup is a wonderful classic that allows you the chance to create something that suits you. Just experiment and practice and you?ll get it right.