So, you want to take your love of fashion to the next level? Well, good for you. There isn?t enough fresh talent in the world of fashion. You can tell Michael Kors to make some room in the pool, because you?re diving in. It?s a long road from dream to reality, but if you truly have what it takes you?ll make it to the big time. All it takes is a love of fashion, dedication, and a whole lot of hard work.

Lubica fashion show

Successful Slovakian born designer, Lubica. Credit: Flickr

Fashion School

You don?t have to attend a dedicated fashion college to get a degree in fashion. Many colleges, even community colleges, offer degrees in fashion ? from merchandising to design. So, pick a college that fits your needs. You?ll be more successful if you choose a college that?s affordable to you.

Collegefashion.net recommends being prepared for class ahead of time as a great way to succeed in fashion school. ?Pack your school bag and plan your outfit the night before school. That way, you won?t be rushing around first thing in the morning trying to remember everything you need. There are always so many things to remember: fabrics, scissors and tool kits, books, your wallet, a snack, sunglasses, a notebook, pens, school ID, sketchbook, paints…?

shoes on the runway

It’s all about details. Credit: Flickr

Fashion school may be tough to conquer, but it?s the first step on your incredible journey toward your own fashion career. It?s during this time that you?ll want to begin a savings account. You?re going to need money for fabric, needles, thread, self-promotion, and so much more. Nerdwallet offers a very comprehensive list of the best savings account rates, in order that you can start an account and have it mature quickly. That way, when you graduate, you?ll be ready to start self-investing in your career.

Building Relationships

Having strong relationships with fashion retailers, marketers, directors, magazine editors, and designers is an important first step toward your goals. You want to learn the ins and outs of this business and who better to teach you than an expert in the field? Sign up for internships and do your best. Have a positive, happy outlook and you?ll do just fine at making those connections.
Some other great ways to connect with industry insiders:

  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Write Letters
  • Send Emails
  • Make Phone Calls
  • Ask for Introductions


The clothing industry is an ever-changing market. As Heidi Klum would say on Project Runway, ?One day you?re in, the next day you?re out.? It?s important to be brilliant enough to discover emerging fashion trends or create some of your own.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum. Credit: Flickr

If you don?t like to take such incredible risks, why not design some new patterns for some fashion mainstays? It?s up to you what you create, but before you spend your savings, make sure you do your research.

Smart Business Planning

You?re going to want to put together a business plan, especially if you?re looking for investors. You?re going to need to prove you can handle the merchandising, PR, and everything else that comes along with creating your own fashion line or starting a retail clothing business. You?re going to need credit, so don?t be afraid to start taking advantage of cards that offer special rates and promotions for small business owners.


Business planning. Credit: Flickr

It?s from here that you?ll begin designing, marketing, and selling your work. It?s after this step that you become a fashion star.