People around the world love British fashion for its edgy, posh, and sophisticated looks. Women can feel confident, sleek, and effortless like Victoria Beckham or transform into Kate Middleton by wearing modern, comfortable, stand out pieces of clothing. Year after year, designers such as Stella McCarthy, Top Shop, and Vivienne Westwood present the public with new and innovative fashion that makes everyone around the world gaze in amazement that such use of mixed patterns and style can come from the United Kingdom. They understand how to truly dress a woman properly, ranging from haute couture to sportswear. Here are some of the styles the British are currently obsessed with.

Hot British Trends

ASOS off the shoulder dress

For the edgy and unapologetic woman pulling off the menswear look, you can add a touch of elegance to your outfit when you wear a bow tie. Bow ties are cool and fun to wear for the women daring to be bold. Top British designers, such as Alexander McQueen and Burberry, are making the off the shoulder dress come back this summer in a killer way. Adding a belt to the strap can show off how adventurous you are. When putting together a more classic outfit, try going with a straight across neck lane to show a bit of skin, yet leaving plenty for the imagination.

Trends And ?It? Items For Summer

embellished flat shoes

For any woman who wants to make a splash this summer, they need to shop and buy some embellished flats. Who wouldn?t find joy in the sparkle and embroidery of this latest British summer trend? Any women looking for shoes with a hint of glamour can always find it in an embellished pair of shoes. If you?re not having any luck in finding a perfect statement piece for your evening wardrobe, a cocktail jacket is just the ?it? item you?ll be exultant to have. It?s a great transition piece, whether you?re throwing it over your comfortable denim or putting together the finishing touches to your LBD. A cocktail jacket is the perfect trend in this summer for anyone looking for an evening wardrobe hit!

Cool And Confident Colors

Valentino pink dress

Celebrities, including Jordan Dunn, Elizabeth Hurley, and Kate Moss, are exploring and killing it in the following summer trendy colors. Star dust gold adds a sprinkle of magic and whimsy for day into evening wear. You could add gold to your accessories to make yourself shine no matter where you are in your day. Another trend to pick up this summer is central shades of soft pink, ivory, and purple look lovely on flowy summer dresses, hand bands, as well as shirts and pants. Colorful jewelry and shoes are also making a splash this summer for the Brits for its glamorous and elegant appeal. Supermodels and members of the Royal family can?t get enough of the colorful pink, green, yellow, white, purple, and red jewel tones that add a dramatic and aristocratic finish to their outfit.

Elizabeth L. is one of the top fashion writer for UK lifestyle magazines.