It seems like the best fashions are far more expensive than the average person can afford. However, it only seems that way. There are a number of ways that you can look fashionable without spending a lot of money.

Utilize What You Have

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Don’t look in your closet and see old clothes. See an opportunity for great fashion! Look online for ways that you can reuse old jeans, leggings, and dresses. Old, long, boring skirts can be trimmed up and made fun and flirty, and old pair of leggings can be just about anything. You can create great fashion with just some creativity and the things in your closet!

Back to Basics

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You need to have some of the essential basic items in your closet. These items are basics because they can be utilized in a number of different ways in a number of different settings. A good pair of jeans is an absolute necessity. You can wear jeans out for coffee with friends and other casual social interactions, but you can also dress them up with heels and a nice shirt for a night out. Leggings from your favorite store or an online retailer like Simple Addiction are great for a comfy night in or a flirty night on the town. You will also need a little black dress and black pumps so that you have something to wear during events that require a little more flair. A basic white tee shirt can be worn with a number of different shorts, skirts, jeans, and dress pants to create almost any look. Get these basics and use accessories and other clothing items to spice up the look.

Shop the Sales

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When you do go shopping, be smart about it! Go to resale shops and sales that won’t cost as much as shops in the mall. You may be surprised at the great things you can find. You’ll be even more surprised at the prices! When you do find a good resale shop or sale, remember to go back there for future shopping trips.

Trade What Doesn’t Fit

Many times you will find things in your closet that are perfectly fine pieces of clothing. However, they may not be your size or they may not be your style. These clothes don’t have to go in the garbage. You can go to some of those resale shops with these clothes to get store credit or trade with your friends.

Learn to Go from Day to Night

Many items in your closet can be worn at the office and later for happy hour drinks at the bar. Buy items with this in mind. Leggings with a tank top, flats, and a jacket can look great at the office. You can pair them with conservative jewelry and a simple hair-do. When you head to the bar, lose the jacket, put on high heels, and try some more exciting jewelry. You can also up the make-up for the night look.

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