tattooed woman

Every era has something that has left a significant mark on it, but it’s not just the eras that are marked. Years have their own significant marks as well, and as trends change, we will remember the year 2016 as the year of pastel hair and velvet chokers. However, there are new trends emerging as we speak, and some of the hottest ones concern the art of tattooing. What are the best tattoos of 2017 going to be? We talked about that with several tattoo artists and bring you their answers.

Geometric shapes

Whether we’re talking about minimalism or creatively, using simple geometric shapes in order to get a complex picture in the end, the point is clear: geometric shapes are everywhere to be seen. Sometimes artists go as far as to use dots to get shade instead of shading with multiple needles. Geometric tattoos trend was slowly emerging since 2013, and back then BuzzFeed published a set of inspiring photos of people with such tattoos. The trend stuck and grew more and more every year, and it looks like it’s going to be in full swing in 2017 (and probably afterwards as well).


These tattoos are inspiring, gentle, subtle, and incredibly artistic – watercolour technique does turn your skin into a canvas for a tattoo artist to paint on. There are two groups of people: those who stand against watercolour technique since there is an opinion that it will age badly, and those who pay them no mind and have such tattoos on their bodies. If you decide to get a tattoo using this technique, it is wise to combine it with ‘regular’ tattoo techniques since this way the contrast is much more prominent and the vague watercolour shapes will be clearly visible much longer.

Skulls and roses

Some things never go out of fashion and are considered classics in every area of life: fashion, food, literature, and makeup, and such is the case with the world of tattoos as well. Skulls and roses somehow go together; they set out the ‘gothic’ theme and give the stark contrast. Love and life symbolized by a fresh red rose set against death which is portrayed by a skull. Skulls and roses go together and are a common theme among people who are getting tattooed. The only thing that keeps changing is the technique and the details. Sugar skulls were incredibly popular as well, and these are usually with intricate details of small jewels and flowers as well.


Another emerging trend are mandala tattoos. These are intricate, usually complex, and mesmerizing tattoos which mostly (but not always) have concentric structure and are popular among people who are on a spiritual journey. People who decide to get a mandala tattoo see it as a talisman on their spiritual journey and usually ask for unique pieces and not just something they found online, says expert in custom tattoos from Sydney. Mandalas can be circular, but also flower shaped (usually it’s a lotus since it symbolizes purity of the body and mind), and can consist of simpler geometric shapes but also have shapes of stars, moon, the sun and leaves.

Do a thorough research before you choose a studio and an artist, as you want the work to be done by a professional with sterile equipment. Before you set off and get a tattoo, be positive that this is something you really want to have on your body. Today, there are ways to remove a tattoo but these are not only expensive, but painful too.