It seems the business world is becoming more and more competitive, and first impressions are still important in how you present yourself to customers and clients. Most men want to look stylish and polished and while the fashion trends are always changing, classic items will always be stylish. If you want to look refined, you should avoid purchasing the latest trendy items and stick to classic, streamlined pieces. Trendy items are popular, but you probably shouldn’t wear them in a professional workplace setting. You want to appear professional in front of your boss and colleagues and doing so can really get you ahead. There are several things you can do to look more stylish and professional, but you should pay close attention to these five fashion details. When you incorporate these items into your wardrobe, you will instantly look more polished and professional, no matter where you end up going.

Get Your Suits Tailored

Man in a Suit

All men should own at least one suit and if you are a business professional, you should own several suits. You will need to wear a suit to your most important functions, and you should have a large variety of choices of how to wear each one. First impressions are important, and your customers want you to have an impeccable appearance. If you do not want to spend more than $100 on a suit, you might be tempted to purchase a suit off the clearance rack. Retail stores have a large selection of suits, but most are designed to fit loosely. A tailored suit should fit perfectly. Don’t be afraid to get tailoring done and spend on this investment. Make sure it is specific to your body and measurements. Your suit should be made from quality material as well. Wool and cotton are good choices. Your tie should match your suit, and your pocket square must compliment the entire color scheme. Cufflinks should be clean and simple. You should also own at least one tuxedo. Most men only wear tuxedos to special events but if you have to attend any galas, you will need a classy tuxedo to look right in the industry.

Purchase Casual Shoes and Dress Shoes

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Your shoes can say a lot of things about your personality. In less than one minute, potential customers will make assumptions about you and shoes are always a surprising accessory that can show off the real you. You should wear both casual shoes and dress shoes to the office. Sandals are for the beach, and sneakers are for the gym. You are what you wear, and your customers will label you a slacker if you do not dress like a business professional. If you want to look polished, you need to purchase a great pair of shoes. When your boss allows you to dress casual, you should wear a comfortable pair of loafers. You can wear your dress shoes to meetings. Most professional men own at least one pair of brown or black dress shoes. Most casual dress shoes have a split toe. If you want a minimalist and clean appearance, you should wear plain-toe dress shoes.

Avoid Faded Clothing

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Your style should change as you make the transition from the classroom to the business world. When you are a college student, faded jeans are stylish. In the business world, faded clothing is tacky. If you wear faded jeans to a meeting, you might lose potential customers or look unprepared. Your clothing should always look new and pressed as well. You do not have to stop wearing jeans and character shirts, but you should make sure your clothing is ideal for an office setting and events you’ll be going to. Some men can get promoted while they are wearing faded jeans, but most companies have a strict dress code. Your personality should be unique, but your clothing should be suitable for your workplace.

Buy an Oxford Shirt and an Undershirt

All men should own at least seven white dress shirts. When you need a dress shirt, you should not search the clearance racks. You can purchase a one month’s supply of cheap shirts, or you can purchase a few Oxford shirts. A cheap shirt will fall apart after a few months. The cheap fibers might also irritate your skin. Instead of wasting your money on cheap dress shirts, purchase a quality Oxford shirt. All men should own at least one Oxford shirt for formal events. An Oxford shirt will look great with casual or formal attire as well. For casual wear, you should purchase a Royal Oxford shirt. The material has thicker threads, and the fibers can withstand normal wear and tear. For professional attire, you should wear an Oxford collar shirt. You should also purchase several underfit undershirts. The undershirt should be worn with suits and Oxford shirts. Your undershirt should fit snugly, and it should not have yellow stains. Check out Trustpilot reviews of different clothing brands. Underfit undershirts are a great example of an undershirt that will keep a good fit and will be a good investment for a professional.

Purchase Some Cashmere Clothing

Your college sweatshirts were great for lazy Saturday afternoons. As a professional man, you need to look polished on the weekends. Instead of wearing your college sweatshirt, you should wear a luxurious cashmere sweater. Cashmere sweaters are always fashionable and can put you a cut above the rest when it comes to Small details are also important as well, your boss and your customers will notice your socks if they are an interesting texture or color. You need to wear trouser socks with your suits. White socks are for the gym. You should own several pairs of cashmere socks as well. You can wear cashmere socks with your casual shoes or your dress shoes. You should own at least one pair of black socks as well. You should also have a pair of navy blue socks. If you want to add some bright colors to your wardrobe, you should purchase a few pairs of red cashmere socks. If you are going to wear red socks, you should also wear red accessories.

Keep Up to Date on Accessories

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Accessories besides socks will include your pocket squares, tie clips, and even your facial hair. Be sure you are keeping your smallest details formal or casual depending on the work environment. Keeping your details and accessories congruent is also important in your overall style. Of course, you shouldn’t be afraid to show your personality here either. Make sure your accessories give your look and style a voice without speaking too loud or talking over your classic style. Having a pop of color is fine, but a few too many distractions can make you look sloppy or unkempt. Be sure to stay current as well. An outdated fabric or accessory type can look vintage and interesting, but can also drag down your style if you’re not careful.

Hygiene Help

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Along with accessories, your hygiene is actually more of a part of your overall look than you might first realize. Make sure any facial hair is well groomed as well as your head hair. If you work in a formal office, you might need to go shorter. Take a look at the higher ups to see what you might need to change about your appearance. If your breath needs a little work, try some new toothpaste and whitener. Keep in mind your nails as well. Keep these well-groomed no matter what kind of office you work in.

You do not have to throw away all your favorite summer clothes to get a more polished and professional look. Your job might allow you to wear shorts to the office. If your job is okay with you wearing shorts in the summer, you should wear khaki shorts. Khaki shorts are fashionable and professional. If you are going to wear shorts, you should make sure that people notice your accessories. A designer watch can spruce up your casual look. You should also purchase your favorite brand of designer sunglasses. Your clients will notice your hands, so you should keep your nails manicured. Your hair should be cut in a professional style, and you should cover all of your tattoos. You should also trim your facial hair into a neat style. When the weather is cold, you should wear a wool trench coat.

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