yellow coat fashion trend 2018

A new year is upon us! Out with the old, and in with the new fashion trends for 2018. You don’t have to spend a fortune to be in style this year, just make sure you stock your wardrobe with these four essentials.

Treat Your Feet

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Socks are the most neglected fashion item. We need a fresh pair every time, so they give us a (sometimes multiple times) daily fashion opportunity! There is something so satisfying about slipping your shoes and pants over a cute pair of socks that reflects your personality. It doesn’t matter if no one else can see them. We wear underwear that matches our outfit and makes us feel stylish, why should socks be any different?! Sometimes people do see your socks, and it is really fun when you take off your shoes and have the most stylish feet in the room. One of the best ways to always ensure you always have a stylish and clean pair of foot fashion is to sign up for a sock subscription.

Coat of Many Seasons

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It seems like we can never predict the weather, anymore. It is therefore important to be prepared for rain and chill no matter the season. Every wardrobe should include a lightweight coat, in a neutral color, that protects against rain and provides a little bit of warmth. Look for something that is easy to pack whenever you travel. It turns out that the timeless favorite Trench Coat is the perfect candidate for your all-weather wear. BBC Culture explains why, and provides a little history lesson about the Trench.

The Little Black Tights

woman legs photo

That’s right! The Little Black Dress is still a must, as well, but every wardrobe should also have a few pairs of little black tights ready to go. Here are all the benefits of this 2018 fashion trend:

  • They create a long, slim leg look
  • They warm up cute dresses and skirts when it would otherwise be too cold
  • They dress up more casual skirts and dresses, preventing you from having to buy new outfits when it’s not in your budget
  • They are a cheap accessory, so you can have opaque ones, shiny ones, lacy ones, and anything else to bring out your unique style
  • Quite simply, they’re in. Everyone’s wearing them with all kinds of looks, so don’t be left out of this outfit trend

Blue Jeans

woman jeans photo

Denim is still going strong in 2018! Make sure you have one of each of these key jean pieces:

  • Jacket. It goes with everything, provides an accessory and a little warmth at the same time, and takes you from professional to casual for drinks after work!
  • Chambray. This light and flowing denim comes in the form of shirts and dresses to match any unique style.
  • Ripped. Whether you like a little or a lot of skin showing, have at least one pair of skinny jeans with rips. They are very on trend, and provide that perfect pop of style on a casual day.
  • Color. Colored denim skinny jeans are essential to a well-rounded wardrobe. Choose jewel tones for fall and winter, pastels for spring, and brights for summer.

From the ground up, you’ll be covered with these four wardrobe-must haves. On your next shopping trip or online spree, grab yourself some cute socks, an all-weather coat, sleek black tights, and a nice array of denim. You’ll be fashion forward all year long!

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