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The summer season is approaching which usually means you’ll spend more time outdoors. Whether you regularly enjoy visiting the beach or can be found lounging in the sun in your own backyard, summer is a time to enjoy what nature has to offer. Although it’s tempting to stay in your trunks all day to stay cool, you’ll want to embrace a more sophisticated style to look your absolute best. Men can look handsome and cool in the heat by embracing a few important style tips.

Reflective Glasses

ASOS Silver Aviator With Mirror Lens

Although aviators were popular in former years, reflective glasses offer an urban style that will make you feel hip and cool. This street style is youthful and fun while still keeping the sun out of your eyes while driving in the car or sunbathing in the backyard.

Boat Shoes

ALDO Archive Boat Shoes

Instead of spending the summer in an old pair of sandals, enhance your wardrobe with a leather boat shoe that can dress up your outfit and make you look sophisticated. Boat shoes can be worn with a pair of khakis or white shorts for a classy style that will look more put-together.


Brixton Castor Fedora Straw Hat

Fedoras not only keep the sun out of your eyes, but also add a fun accessory to your attire for a little more formality. Pair the hat with sleek sunglasses when heading to the beach, or when going out to the races.

High Top Shoes

ALDO Vaywen Hi-Top Sneakers

Look hip and trendy by sporting a pair of high top shoes that you can rock while spending time on the boardwalk. The shoes are youthful and will look trendy when paired with a light tank top and khaki shorts.

Canvas Watches

Reclaimed Vintage Multi Stripe Canvas Watch

Leather and sweat don’t mix well in the heat, making it important to wear a canvas watch that is more functional when you’re outdoors. Choose a band that has a pop of color for a preppy accessory that adds extra detail to your wardrobe.

Canvas Shoes

ASOS Boat Shoes in Navy Canvas

Canvas shoes offer plenty of ventilation to keep your feet cool when you’re attending a wedding or heading to the office. The style is casual but still contemporary, and will dress up your wardrobe during the day or night.

Be sure to keep your appearance youthful with SPF protected moisturizers and by maintaining your facial hair with scissors or even supplements found at places like beardvitamin.com. When you want to look handsome and stand out in a crowd, there are a number of trends and looks to embrace in the warm weather. You’ll feel confident with your clothes and can enjoy casual looks that allow you to feel plenty cool.