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As they say, ‘I either travel in style or I don’t travel at all.’

If you have traveled recently or if you travel a lot, you must know how important it is to have a traveling style. Traveling itself is a pretty big activity and making sure to do it with class and grace is surely a task. The feeling of being ready and well-prepared for your journey is priceless. This article is going to highlight 5 ways to make sure you travel in a stylish manner and impress a bunch of people, including yourself. Let’s see if you are already a stylish traveler who ticks this checklist or not.

Have a Go-To Traveling Attire

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Picking out an outfit can get frustrating. But when it comes to traveling, you have to know what you want to wear, to save time from going through your closet. Have this outfit always ready to be worn as your backup in every situation. You can have more than one outfit as your back up attire. Make sure that the outfit you have does not have any kind of words or graphics that may be offensive to any country/city/ethnicity, etc.

Wear Clean Clothes


Most people confuse hygiene with how you look or how much perfume you put on. In reality, it is basically the cleanliness of both your body and the outfit you wear. If you haven’t showered or wore clean clothes, then that may cause discomfort to your surrounding people. However, you must not wear too much or too little cologne. Both situations are a matter of inconvenience to your travel partners. Also, do not forget to wear clean socks and avoid taking off your shoes in enclosed spaces to evade unpleasantness. Don’t forget to pack your deodorant! What’s the point of wearing such stylish clothes and not have deodorant to cover your sweat!

Wear Those Accessories

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Imagine wearing a beautiful black dress to the Eiffel Tower without any jewelry. Something would seem incomplete. Earrings, rings, necklaces would look amazing with a black dress. So make sure you pack a separate bag for your accessories. Some dresses are just incomplete without them.

Accessories do not necessarily mean jewelry. They include sunglasses, hats, watches etc. It’s understood that when you go to the beach, you would want your sunglasses and hat. It’s better to plan your dresses and accessories ahead of times so that you don’t have trouble matching them while you’re on your trip. Style your vacation as you pack.



Fashion should never be done at the cost of your comfort. Yes, you should be experimenting with your wardrobe to see what really looks flattering on you and what can you carry in the most regal way but this should never be done at the cost of your comfort when it comes to traveling. This is because while traveling, you are not in a comfortable place. It is a new place with a lot of strangers. You should feel good to look good and you do this by being in control. If you have discovered your style and found comfort in it, you can look chic and confident throughout your journey. Otherwise, you will be fidgety and conscious all the time which will just make your whole effort go down the drain.

Trendy Luggage

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This is one thing that you cannot travel without. You also need to keep up with the traveling bag styles with time as well. Try to keep them updated and if that is too much of a trouble, make sure that the one you buy should be of a classy color and robust structure to make a long-lasting style statement. Use fresh colors, different and new travel bags and suitcases and you can also get yourself trendy hand-carries, fanny packs or wallets as well. Ladies can also get a tote bag which is very easy to carry around and use along with its fashion appeal. These are all going to make a good impression of you on others.

To conclude, everyone has their own distinct and unique style. However, the above mentioned points provide basic guidelines for you to stay in the style radar at your travels as well. Be creative, experimental and open to new fashion trends and try to collect some inspiration for celebrities’ airport looks for when you cannot find your style by yourself.

It’s always better to get some information about what type of clothes people wear at the destination you travel to. This is the best option if you don’t want to stand out as a tourist. So, start planning ahead of times and look into all the fashion details of that specific place and make sure you don’t offend anyone with your dressing.