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Whether you’re fifteen or fifty, every guy wants to look his best. Maybe you don’t want to spend hours watching runway shows, but you don’t have to become a fashion junkie to update your look. Accessories offer a great way to give your outfit that extra “pop” and keep your look fashion forward, yet simple. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement piece or just want to add some extra flair to your wardrobe, this guide to men’s accessories is exactly what you need.

Rings: An Everyday Statement

tungsten rings

Tungsten carbide rings. Some rights reserved by boomshackalack

A lot of men assume that the only acceptable rings are wedding bands, but gentlemen have been using rings as statement accessories for decades. The best part about these bad boys is that every ring has an occasion, and owning just a few will give you plenty of versatility in your wardrobe.

If you’re looking for a bold ring, then you’ll want to try playing with small, carefully-cut gemstones. Not only are these perfect for special occasions, but coordinating your outfit with your ring can tie your entire look together. For a casual statement piece, try a ring of gold or silver with an intricate design. Not only will it blend seamlessly with almost any outfit, but the detailed metalwork makes for a great conversation starter.

Mastering the Belt

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Photo by queenbeeofbeverlyhills

The art of wearing the perfect belt has been widely discussed in men’s fashion for years, but men tend to focus on the wrong thing. Yes, wear black with black and brown with brown, but there’s another facet to belts that often goes overlooked: belt buckles.

Unless you’re intentionally going for a shabby, grungy look, having the end of your belt flapping about is going to destroy any semblance of your individual style. While slipping on a buckle will tidy up your look, why stop there? Belt buckles are visible from a distance, which makes them the perfect opportunity to show off your unique style.

If you want to establish a signature look for yourself, it’s time to consider the world of customizable belt buckles. Not only do they let you decide what colors you like best, but you get to play with different materials and design patterns. If you’re looking to make a statement with your accessories, then why would you settle for something that everyone else is already wearing?

Watch the Watches

watch for men

Ah, watches, the classic men’s statement piece. That woven bracelet you picked up in L.A. might be suitable for a day at the beach, but a watch is a surefire way to pull your outfit together. This doesn’t mean you should run to Target and grab the first watch you see; you’ll need to think carefully during the selection process.

What kind of outfit are you looking to complete? For formal wear, select a watch with a classic analog style and a medium/large face. If you’re feeling more business casual, then stick to analog, but don’t be afraid to play with some more current and risky designs. A general rule of thumb: If you’re going to be seen by anyone you’ll be working with, avoid digital faces like the plague. They might be efficient, but that doesn’t make up for their tackiness.

Make Your Statement

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Fashion is about personalizing your look, so never be afraid to play with accessories. Whether you’re going to a formal dinner or on a first date, your statement pieces can make or break the occasion. Take these tips and use them to play with accessories until you’ve found the right look to fit your unique lifestyle and aesthetic.