woman on the sandy beach

There is nothing like lounging on the sand while soaking up the sun at the beach. You can also have fun swimming at the hotel pool, playing miniature golf or walking along the sidewalks to discover the nightlife and the small shops that offer souvenirs for the tourists. Before you get to the beach, there are a few beauty hacks to keep in mind that will ensure everything from your hair to your skin stays hydrated and beautiful.

Protect The Lips

lipstick photo

While you want the perfect lip color, it’s also important that your lips are protected and nourished at the same time. Whether you use an expensive department store stain or lip stick, or you go for a more affordable product, make sure that you use a proper moisturizer. An easy hack would be to use Chap Stick to moisturize your lips and keep them moisturized throughout the day/night.

Curls In The Hair

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Take advantage of the seawater by using it to scrunch the hair and create stunning curls. After you get out of the ocean, gently towel dry the hair. Comb the hair with your fingers to separate the strands. Scrunch the hair so that there are soft waves when the hair dries. Add a few flowers to the hair for a tropical look.

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Colorful Nails and Skin

beautifully polished manicure

There are a few ways that you can add designs to the skin without getting a tattoo. Create a design with glue on the skin before laying in the sun. When you take a shower, the design that you made will show up as the glue acts as a barrier. You can also create fun designs on the nails, especially the toenails since you’ll be wearing flip-flops or sandals most of the time, with gel nail kits. A professional who uses the nail kits can create designs as well that are a bit more intricate and that will often last longer. Blue or green as a base gives a fun background for seashell designs, seahorses, palm trees and other things that you see at the beach.

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Burning Up

sun bathing

If you tend to burn easily, then pack a few tea bags before you leave for the beach. Soak a few tea bags in cold water. Tie the bags in a cloth, like a t-shirt that is made of cotton. Apply the cloth to the sunburn so that you get relief as the tea will begin to draw out the burning sensation from the body.

The beach is a fun place to visit in the summer. You can lay in the sun all day without a worry in the world. However, there are a few things that you can do before leaving home or before getting in the water to protect your lips or to give you a beautiful look while exploring the town.

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